Hillary Clinton Sends Kansas Lawmakers a Message
January 11, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is calling on Kansas to expand its Medicaid program to provide health coverage for thousands of additional families.

Clinton issued a statement Monday, hours before the Republican-dominated Legislature opened its annual session.

The federal health overhaul championed by Democratic President Barack Obama encourages states to expand their Medicaid programs and promises the federal government will pay almost all of the cost.

Clinton said expanding Medicaid also would help small rural hospitals.

She said, “Health care for Kansas families should be a right for all, not a privilege for the few.”

Top Kansas Republicans have been skeptical that the federal government will keep its funding promises.

Told of Clinton’s statement, Kansas House Speaker and Stilwell Republican Ray Merrick dismissed it.

He responded, “Hillary who?”

Pompeii Fires Back at Clinton and Her ” Home Brew” Server for Benghazi Delays
October 5, 2015

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House committee investigating the fatal attacks in Benghazi, is denying Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s charge the committee is “making a partisan political issue” of the deaths of four Americans.
Clilnton laid out the charge in the televison interview today and then at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.
Pompeo says the committee “has never been about politics”.
Last week, the man who may be the next House speaker, Kevin McCarthy credited the creation of the Benghazi panel by the House Republican majoirty with bringing down Clinton’s presidential poll numbers.
Pompeo denied the politics charge.
“Our work has been about transparency,” Pompeo said in a statement Monday afternoon.
He added former Secretary of State clinton complains about the length of the investigation.
Pompeo says “it is her own home-brew server and failure to turn over critical evidence that are among the prime reasons for the delay

Poll- Missouri Democrats Not Settled on A Presidential Nominee
September 21, 2015

Missouri’s Democratic primary voters have not settled in on a candidate for president, according to a new poll of likely Democratic voters in the 2016 Missouri primary.
The survey, conducted by the Republican-leaning Remington Research group for the political website Missouri Scout, shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic field.
The survey, however, indicates Clinton has not locked up the Show-Me state.
If the March, 2016 primary were held today, according to the poll::
Hillary Clinton: 36%
Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 18%
Undecided 25%

Remington says it polled 1,589 likely Democratic primary voters on September 18-19. It has a margin of error of 2.4%
Clinton’s highest numbers come from the Cape Girardeau and St. Louis areas,; 37%.
She has 36% of the Kansas City market vote.
St. Louis and Kansas City make up well over half of the state’s Democratic vote.
Vice President Joe Biden performs best in the Hannibal area of northeast Missouri; 32%
Senator Sander’s stronghold is the University town of Columbia, 24%

In other Missouri primary races:>
Lt. Governor:
Russ Carnahan 48%
Brad Brahshaw 11%
Tommie Pierson 7%
Undecided 37%

Attorney General:
Teresa Hensley: 27%
Jake Zimmerman 23%
Undecided 51%

Judy Baker 28%
Pat Contreras 15%
Undecided 58%

Kobach & Hillary Clinton Clash Over Voting List
August 26, 2015

(AP) – Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is trading barbs over social media with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on voting rights.
The spat was sparked by Kobach’s proposal to throw out after 90 days names of more than 34,000 potential voters who registered in the state, but didn’t provide proof-of-citizenship documents like a birth certificate or naturalization papers.
Clinton’s campaign late Monday posted a comment on Twitter calling the plan a “targeted attack on voting rights,” including a link to a story from The Associated Press about it.
Koback retorted the next day on Facebook that it is not a purge as “left-wing knuckleheads” claim because those people just have to fill out another voter registration form again. He said Clinton is “getting her pantsuit in a twist over nothing.”

Clinton in KC for July La Raza Speech
July 2, 2015

Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton will speak at the national La Raza convention in Kansas City July 13th, a spokesman for La Raza announced Thursday.
“We are thrilled that Secretary Clinton will join us to speak to the thousands of Latino community leaders who will gather in Kansas City next week,” said Janet Murguía, President and CEO of NCLR said in a statement.
“We look forward to hearing about her vision for the country and her thoughts on the issues of greatest concern to our community.”
Clinton is hoping to lure millions of Hispanic voters to her campaign in 2016.
Democratic President Barack Obama was the overwhelming choice of Hispanic voters in 2012.
The Republican Party’s opposition to some ideas
On immigration reform have
Made it difficult for some GOP candidates for President to gain much traction with Hispanic voters.
This will be Clinton’s second trip to Missouri since she started her campaign. In June , Clinton visited the St. Louis area and sole about the need to improve race relations.
She made an appearance not far from the St. Louis suburb
of Ferguson , which was torn apart by racial tension last year after a police officer shit and killed a man.