KCK Casino Hotel on Hold
April 13, 2015

The owners of the Hollywood Casino near the speedway in Kansas City, Kansas says they are postponing building a 200-room hotel next to the facility.
“This decision was a difficult one but one that is based on continued soft economic conditions in the region, especially in the hotel market, and other proposed changes to the casino operating environment,” said BJ Fair, Chief Development Officer for Penn National Gaming.
That reference to “proposed changes in the gaming environment in Kansas”, is a reference to a long shot bill that is still alive in the Kansas Legislature.
That measure would permit the closed Woodland Dog and horse Track in KCK to reopen, and be supported by up to 2800 slot machines.
KCK spokesman Mike Taylor says such a change would alter the playing field for the casino next to the KCK race track.
Taylor also says KCK citizens were protected in the deal even with the postponement.
Under the terms of the hotel development deal, the local government would get 1% of the casino annual operating revenue for each year the hotel is not build.
Taylor says that could be $1.4 million to the Unified Government, based on recent casino operations, for each year the hotel is not built.