Kansas Congressman Casts “No Confidence” Vote Against House Speaker Boehner
January 4, 2013

20121223-080751.jpgThe ongoing feud between Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp and House Speaker John Boehner continues into the new Congress.
Huelskamp was one of a handful of Republican lawmakers who did not vote Thursday for Boehner’s re-election as House Speaker.
Huelskamp told the New York Times there were more Republicans who wanted to vote against Boehner but the House leadership leaned on Members not to do it.
Boehner kicked Huelskamp off the House Agriculture and Budget Committees last month.
Huelskamp claims it is because he was not loyal enough to the House leadership on key votes last year.
Huelskamp says the Boehner leadership team is not conservative enough for him or his 700,000 Kansans in his district, which covers the western half of the state.
“While I congratulate Speaker John Boehner on his re-election, I fear that — unless the House begins to stand as a beacon of conservatism and offers Americans a true alternative to the ideology of Big Government — these next two years may very well be our last in the majority,” Huelskamp said.