Huelskamp Loses Not One, But Two Prime Committee Slots in Dispute With Boehner and House Leaders
December 5, 2012

KS-1 Convressman Tim Huelskamp says he has been kicked off two key House Committee assignments, the House Budget Committee and the Agriculture panel.
Huelskamp says he thinks he is being punished for not voting with House Leadersship often enough.
News of Huelskamp’s departure from the Budget Committee came out Monday.
Huelskamp announced his demotion from the Agriculture Committee in a conference with Kansas reporters.
He says this is the first time no Member of the Kansas Congressional delegation has been on the House main panel for handling agricultural
issues in 151 years.
Huelskamp says he is asking Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, a former Chairman of the House farm panel, to intervene.
Huelskmp says he’ll continue to try and influence farm policy from the House floor.
Many pieces of manor legislation, however, are shaped at the committee level.
Huelskamp says he doesn’t know exactly why be was kicked off the panels.
He says he has been told House GOP Leaders kept track of key House votes over the last two years. He thinks his “score” of voting with the Leadership was not high enough to satisfy the top Republicans.
Huelskamp voted against thee hard-fought debt ceiling deal of 2011.
The west Kansas farmer says the move is a display of “raw, crass, political power”.
HE says it proves the Republicans under Speaker John Boehner will not tolerate dissent within their ranks.
Huelskamp says be does not think east Kansas Republican Rep. Lynn Jenkins, who is part if the 30-member GOP House Leadership team, played a
role in his demotion.
The Kansas Repulican says he’ll try to get the decisions reversed.