Blunt Says President was ” Desperate ” for Iran Deal
July 14, 2015

Here is Mo. Sen. Roy’s Blunt’s statement t on the new deal with Iran on it’s nuclear capacity:
“Today’s announcement marks a dangerous step forward in the advancement of Iran’s illicit nuclear program and confirms that the president was desperate to get a deal with Iran, at any price. This is a bad deal for the United States and one that will embolden our adversaries and jeopardize the security of our allies. The stated goal of the negotiations was to ensure Iran never develops the capability to produce a nuclear weapon, yet the president agreed to a deal that does the opposite.

“By allowing Iran to become nuclear weapons capable and failing to provide for ‘anytime anywhere’ inspections, this deal gives Iran a free pass to cheat at its military sites with no access to U.S. inspectors. In return, the president agreed to give Iran hundreds of millions of dollars in sanctions relief. Meanwhile, just last week Iran continued its calls for the destruction of Israel and ‘death to America’ as Iran’s Supreme Leader stood by calling for the need to fight the U.S. even if there is an agreement. This deal undermines the security of our friends and allies and legitimizes Iran’s unapologetic sponsorship of terrorism throughout the Middle East.”