Cleaver Says Knocking Obama’s Terror Plans Pleases ISIS
December 7, 2015

Kansas City Democrat Emanuel Cleaver says partisan political fighting over how to fight ISIS is playing right into their hands.

“Instead of focusing on ISIS, we have turned on each other,” Cleaver said.

He added, “And if I am the head of ISIS, ‘I’m thinking, boy, this is exactly what I want’. ‘This is exactly what I need.’”

Cleaver’s remarks did not stop the sharp words.

East Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Lynn Jenkins, a member of the House Leadership, called the president’s Sunday night speech from the Oval Office, “empty words,”.

“President Obama continues to avoid confronting radical Islamic terrorism head-on, failing to provide a strategy long after it was due,” Jenkins charged.

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Blunt said the speech “was a reiteration of the same failed policies that have allowed ISIS to continue consolidating gains in the Middle East and Africa, and spreading their insidious ideology abroad,”.

Cleaver defended the speech saying it would tell Americans how the nation was fighting ISIS with special forces soldiers, military strikes from the air and intelligence gathering.

Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill also defended the president.

“I hope any of my colleagues who disagree with the President don’t just revert to criticism but come forward with any viable alternative that would do a better job protecting the U.S.