Trump Leads in New Mo Scout Poll
December 21, 2015

A new poll shows Republican front runner Donald Trump is also leading in Missouri.

The survey, in the political newsletter, the Missouri Scout, gives Trump a 10 point lead over his closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The poll gives Trump a 33-23 edge over Cruz.

A report in the Kansas City Star points out that Trump not only leads statewide in the survey, but in each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts

That is key because Missouri divides up its convention delegates along Congressional District lines.

The Star reports that Trump leads crus by just one point in the 7th Congressional District in southwestern Missouri.

Crus trails Trump by four points in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District.

Cruz’, campaign manager is Jeff Rose of Kansas City.

Roe is also a close political advisor to Missouri 6th District Congressman Sam Graves.

It is likely those close-home ties will have Roe pushing for a strong Missouri effort by Cruz during the March 15, 2016 Missouri primary.

Remington Poll; Huelskamp Up Big in Ks-1
October 31, 2014

A new poll shows Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp ( Ks-1) with a huge lead over his Democratic opponent, Jim Sherow.
A survey from the Kansas City based Remington Research Group, which is a wing of consultant Jeff Rose’s Axiom Strategies agency, give Huelskamp a 25 point leads over Sherow.
The survey has Huelskamp leading 59%-34%.
A new release says Remington polled the race after a news article in the Daily Kos reported Huelskampt was down seven points to the Democrat.
The Kansas 1st, known as ‘ The Big First’, since it covers the western half of the state, has been a reliably Republican district for years.
Titus Bond of Remington says the survey was conducted in the middle of this week, using 485 likely 1st Congressional District voters. The margin of error is 4.4%.
Huelskamp has had rocky term. He was kicked off the House Agriculture Committee after sparring with House Speaker John Boehner and his leadership.

Ted Cruz Hires KC Consultant Jeff Roe for Possible 2016 Bid
August 29, 2014

Ted Cruz is beefing up his political staff as speculation heats up that the Texas senator may run for president in 2016.

The Republican firebrand is adding muscle to his campaign and political operations to help Cruz and his staff keep up with the growing political demands on Cruz since he arrived in the Senate in 2013 and achieved fame — or notoriety, depending on one’s view.

Joel Mowbray, a consultant for a foreign policy think tank, has been volunteering for the political operation and “will end up playing a role” on the paid political staff, the adviser said. Nick Muzin, a former top House Republican Conference aide that now works in Cruz’s congressional office as a deputy chief of staff, will be working on coalitions building and outreach for Cruz’s political operation.

Jason Miller, who’s advised prominent conservatives like Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), has been brought on to “to put together a more robust communications operation,” the adviser said, while longtime GOP presidential campaign hand and Axiom Strategies founder Jeff Roe has been brought on board to build out the political organization. Lauren Lofstron will work on fundraising. Those three hires were first reported by the Washington Examiner.


Advance Voting Measure Fails to Collect Enough Signatures
August 7, 2014

Missouri Times:
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The early voting initiative petition led by the Missouri Early Voting Fund. did not have a sufficient amount of signatures to be certified for the November ballot.

In late May, Jeff Roe predicted that the petition would not be certified because of the qualifications that petitions initiatives need for ballot certification.

“We are highly suspect that they collected the petitions necessary,” Roe told the Missouri Times in May. “They did not meet the requirements to file the petitions. We see a lot of irregularities and a lot of pages that were not properly qualified. In this early phase, we believe that it may not appear on the ballot. They did not meet the requirements in 6 of 8 congressional districts and that is a real problem.”

Certification requires 8% of registered voters to sign the petition in 6 of 8 congressional districts, which is based on voter turnout in the previous gubernatorial election.

There will be a legislative proposal for early voting on the November ballot, which Missouri Early Voting Fund has criticized as making it harder to vote, rather than easier. Opponents of the MJJ early voting initiative say it will cost local counties too much money.

Missouri Bill Filed to Restrict Consultants and Lobbyists in Jeff City
December 26, 2013

KC Star:

Missouri state Sen. John Lamping says paid political consultants should stick to campaigns — and stay out of policy decisions.

Lamping, a Republican from the St. Louis area, filed an ethics reform bill this month that would prohibit consultants from working as lobbyists — and lobbyists from working as consultants. He says operatives who help elect candidates shouldn’t be able to turn around and work for special-interest clients to influence those lawmakers, as is now routinely the case.

“The problem we have in Missouri with people wearing both of those hats … is that it gives tremendous leverage to that person,” he said. “It’s way too much access. And many times it isn’t disclosed.”

The proposal is part of a broader ethics blueprint. Under his plan, consultants couldn’t lobby while taking money from candidates and for six months after “ceasing to consult.” Registered lobbyists couldn’t offer campaign advice, for money, within a similar time-frame.

Additionally, political consultants would be required to register with the Missouri Ethics Commission and publicly disclose their clients. Under current law, only lobbyists must register.

During the legislature’s 2013 session, more than 40 lobbyists and consultants earned hundreds of thousands of dollars buttonholing Missouri lawmakers over a proposed change in liquor distribution laws. But there are scores of additional examples of consultants and lobbyists blurring the line between politics and policy, Lamping said.

“You have political consultants who also lobby for the utility companies. You have consultants who are working … on the Medicaid expansion. You have consultants on all sides of a lot of issues,” he said.

Steve Glorioso, a well-known local Democratic political adviser and consultant, is also a registered lobbyist and worked on the liquor issue. He said banning lobbyists from working as consultants might run into constitutional problems.

“Registering is no big deal,” he said in an email. “But what is his definition of a political consultant? I would refer him to the United States Constitution, especially the First Amendment.”

Woody Cozad, a registered lobbyist who does not consult on political issues for a fee, raised a similar concern.

“I don’t see that the bill would alter the situation very much — although he might be able to talk me into it,” Cozad said.

But Larry Jacob, a Kansas City-based political consultant, said stricter rules might be helpful.

“The more transparency the better,” he said in an email. “It’s another form to fill out, but that’s a small price to put some order to the political Wild West of Missouri.”

Jeff Roe, one of the best-known political consultants in Missouri, is not registered as a lobbyist, but he was involved in the liquor law discussion last spring.

“Tell us the rules and we will play by them,” he said in an email.

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