Pompeo Hints at Primary Challenge to Moran
April 6, 2016

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) declined to say Wednesday morning whether he has ruled out mounting a primary challenge against Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, adding that he would make his decision in a matter of days.
The Kansas Republican, speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, played coy when asked whether he planned to run against Moran, after the Kansas senator reversed his position late last week on whether Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should receive a hearing and a vote. While he had previously been quoted as telling constituents that the “process should go forward” and that he has a “job to do,” Moran reversed that position late last week.
“Hugh, you’ve known me long enough to know I’m going to always try to find the right place to serve Kansas and America,” Pompeo said. “We’re trying to figure out exactly where that is. And in the next days or maybe a week or so, we’ll figure that out. You’ll be right among the first to know.”
Hewitt responded, “So that’s still an open possibility?”
“Hugh, it’s a great day in Kansas,” Pompeo responded.

Moran Reverses Stance on Garland Hearing
April 2, 2016

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran reversed himself, saying he no longer thinks Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should get a Senate confirmation hearing.
Moran told Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley of his switch Friday.
The decision came just hours after Moran refused to answer any questions about his position during a stop in Kansas City Friday morning. (See previous post).
Moran said Garland’s “judicial philosophy ” made him an unacceptable nominee and there was no need for a Senate confirmation hearing.
Last week The Garden City Telegraph reported Moran told a group of citizens he favored a hearing for Garland. He was one of the few Republican Senators to break ranks with the GOP leadership on the question.
He told them he would rather have Kansans complain to him about a vote he cast rather than not doing his job by not voting at all.

Moran Campaign Account:$3.1M
January 13, 2016

(AP) – A new report shows U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran has amassed more than $3.1 million in cash for his re-election effort as 2016 kicks off. The Kansas Republican is running unopposed so far.

His campaign reported on Wednesday it raised about $750, 600 during the fourth quarter last year, with nearly $280,000 of contributions coming from political committees. It spent more than $322,000.

The campaign listed the transactions in a finance report, covering the period from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2015.

Wolf Confronts Moran at Town Hall
August 10, 2015

AP) – Former tea party-backed candidate Dr. Milton Wolf has confronted Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran at a town hall meeting over the state medical board’s past investigation of Wolf’s license as Wolf was running for office.

Wolf declined to say Monday whether he plans to run in next year’s Republican primary against Moran. Wolf is a Leawood radiologist and gave Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts a tougher-than-expected challenge in last year’s GOP primary.

Wolf asked Moran at a town hall in Wamego what Moran knew about the medical board’s investigation of Wolf over his postings on Facebook in 2010 of X-ray images of fatal gunshot wounds. Moran said he didn’t know anything until he saw news reports last year.

Wolf said last week that the board closed its investigation without finding wrongdoing.

Moran on Federal Budget
February 2, 2015

From Sen. Jerry Moran’s office:
continue his long history of higher taxes and more spending. The proposal includes a staggering $2.1 trillion in new tax increases and would add $8.5 trillion to the national debt.

“I will examine and evaluate the provisions of the President’s proposal, and I will work with my Senate colleagues to shape a federal budget that funds the government’s liabilities while facilitating a pro-jobs environment through critical decisions to reduce our debt and deficits. Especially when resources are scarce in an increasingly dangerous world, we must better prioritize spending to make certain our economy is growing and our citizens are protected. American safety and prosperity calls for serious policy – unfortunately, the President’s plan falls well short.”