Nolte Says Claycomo Bennies Now Exceed Expectations
February 4, 2015

Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte says the Missouri tax breaks that helped the Ford Claycomo Assembly plant have provided more benefits than he ever imagined.

Nolte was the sponsor of the bill giving Ford state tax breaks if they remodeled Claycomo and brought another line in, creating more jobs.

“We are at about three times the investment that Ford would originally make,” said Nolte Wednesday.

Ford has invested more than one billion dollars in the plant since the bill was passed in a special session in 2010.

Wednesday Ford announced the plant would add 900 more workers producing the plant’s mainstay product, the Ford F-150 pick-up truck.

After the remodeling, which includes a brand new stamping plant for the auto maker, Ford also brought into the assembly line for the cargo van called ‘The Transit’.

Nolte noted that Ford builds a bare bones version of the van at Claycomo, allowing buyers to finish it off as they wish. He says that is bringing more smaller supplier and finishing companies to the metro and Clay County.

“And hopefully it’s going to continue as we bring on suppliers and all the other add-on jobs that will be required.

Missouri governor Jay Nixon was supposed to be at one of the new supplier business in clay County on Wednesday.

The visit was postponed by a snowstorm in western Missouri.

Mo-5 May Have Three Way Primary
February 10, 2012

uesday at the primary polls, Mo-5 Republicans got a reminder that they’re likely to have a three-way Congressional primary this summer.

Rookie candidate Jason Greene’s flyer was spotted at some polling places in Lee’s Summit.

Greene is a teacher and coach in the Raytown school district.

He may also bring a Rob Paul flavor to the primary campaign.

He calls himself a “liberty candidate”. He’s been endorsed by a group that agrees with Ron Paul’s calls for reforms of the banking system and a different approached to the US foreign policy.

Green is likely to face- term-limited Missouri State Rep. Jerry Nolte of Gladstone, and frequent Mo-5 GOP candidate Jacob Turk. Turk benefited from the Republican wave year of 2010. He still lost, however, to Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.

“This is Turk’s 4th time around”, said Greene.

“I think would folks would like to see someone different. I feel I could do better”.

He concedes St Rep. Nolte will have his base North of the River. He is new to the district because of redistricting.

Greene Also says the National Republican party needs to be more honest with voters. He says national Republicans they should acknowledge their role in running up the federal deficits during the ‘Bush 43’ years.

Nixon Rolls Out Auto Parts Supplier Bill With a List of heavy Hitters to Back It Up
January 27, 2012

Missourinet via johncombest:
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon rolled out an impressive list of supporters for his auto-parts jobs bill. Nixon presented the plan Thursday in Wentzville near the GM auto Assembly plant there.
The list includes Kansas City Democratic heavy hitters, House Minority Leader Mike Talboy; Senate Minority Leader Victor Callahan, and Gladstone St. Rep Jerry Nolte.
Nolte, a Republican, was one of the sponsors of the ‘Ford bill’, of 2010 that helped the Ford Claycomo plant in suburban Kansas City.
Missourinet reports:
The automotive industry incentive component of the Governor’s job creation strategy has found its backers in the House and Senate, and they come from both sides of the political aisle.

In his State of the State Address and stops around the state, Governor Jay Nixon has promoted his Missouri Works plan. It would expand on the provisions of the Missouri Manufacturing Jobs act of 2010, which helped promote expansion at Ford’s Claycomo Plant in Kansas City and General Motors’ plant in Wentzville. Legislation introduced this week basically targets those incentives at manufactures in the automotive industry.

The House version, HB 1455, will be carried by Representative Chuck Gatschenberger (R-Lake St. Louis). He says, “Those manufacturers of vehicles … they need brakes, they need windshields, they need trim, they need engines … and not all of those are built right there on that spot.”
Parts makers qualify under the proposal if the products they make are used by an automaker. Companies with at least half of their sales coming from parts used to modify vehicles can also qualify for incentives.
Gatschenberger says it offers two options to those companies. “One is if you employee five employees, you’re gonna get the same benefits with withholding the taxes that you pay from the state for the benefit of the company. The other aspect of it … there’s a lot of companies in this state that are not going to be able to employ five people but they can employ two people. If they do two people and $100,000 of investment in their business, they can fall under the same guidelines.”
Gatschenberger says it also includes some clawback provisions. ”Let’s say they have those two people but they lay two other people off. Then they lose the benefit. It’s not the specific people that they hire, it’s the total number of people.”
The package increases the standard incentive period to five years, from the three found in the 2010 language. Companies would get a tax break equaling 5 percent of their new payroll if wages are at the average for the county, 5.5 percent for wages that are 120 percent of that average and 6 percent for wages at least 140 percent of the county average.
Gatschenberger notes the package opens up incentives to all auto manufacturers, not just Ford and General Motors, “So if Nissan thinks, ‘Hmm, we might want to put a plant somewhere but where are we going to put a plant,’ it’s making the carrot bigger and jucier.”

Turk Invokes Reagan Launching 4th Bid for Congress
December 12, 2011

Republican candidate Jacob Turk invoked the Ronald Reagan line, ’are you better off?’ in announcing another run for the Mo-5 seat to Congress.
“Has our economic outlook improved over the past year? Have we revived the job market? Has our national debt declined? Unfortunately, the answer to all three questions is No. Our nation is at a very serious crossroads. We need a Congressman who will focus on the important issues confronting this district and the nation and who will get results. That’s why today I am announcing my candidacy for Congress,” said Turk in a news release.
Turk has run in the Mo-5 every election since 2006. Each time he has been defeated by Democratic incumbent Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.
In 2010, he posted his highest vote total, 44%, in a Republican wave year.
Turk may face a primary from Missouri State Representative, Jerry Nolte. He is also running for the GOP Mo-5 nomination in a district that now stretches in the Kansas City, North. That’s on the north bank of the Missouri River.
In his announcement statement, Turk noted that he no longer lives in the boundaries of the re-drawn Mo-5.
“When new district lines were drawn earlier this year, Turk’s home was blatantly gerrymandered out of the district,” Turk’s news release states.
It is not required for a member of Congress to live in the district from which they are elected.

Turk Starts 4th Bid for Congress
December 12, 2011

Republican Jacob Turk is going to make a 4th run at Congress.
Turk is expected to announce his candidacy Monday for the 5th district seat now held by rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Mo-5).
Turk may have a primary in 2012. Gladstone State Representative Jerry Nolte says he’s running for the GOP nominee in Mo-5. He has been campaigning for some time.
In the Republican wave year of 2010, Turk got 44% of the vote against Cleaver. It was his best showing in his three Congressional campaigns.
Turk told Prime Buzz of the Star that he does not live in the re-drawn lines of the Mo-5. But he plans to move into the district, if elected.
House rules on where a Member of Congress lives, relative to the district the Member represents, are loose.
Turk’s announcement is at 11 Monday morning at Union Station.