Kansas Democrat Says the Kansas ” Fairy Tale” Is Brownback’s Version of the Budget
February 20, 2013

Kansas Democrat Chair Joan Wagnon Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s ” fairy tale” budget” will mean “cuts to schools are inevitable”.
Wagnon, a former Revenue Secretary under Democratic Governors Kathleen Sebelius and Mark Parkinson, says the Republican is using “fuzzy math” to justify his spending and budget choices.
Earlier this week, the Wichita Eagle reported the Governor has been using inaccurate numbers in budget presentations. He had claimed spending in the Parkinson Administration was a billion dollars more that what it actually was.
His Budget Director Steve Anderson apologized for the error.
The former Democratic Revenue Secretary challenged Brownback’s assertion that the years of Sebelius’ and Parkinson’s administration years were ” a lost decade”, according to Brownback.
Wagnon says the Republican isn’t telling the entire story about those years. She says the era was bookmarked by the 9-11 Recession and the 2008 Stock Market Crash.
“In those middle years Kansas saw growth in jobs and its revenues. The numbers of state employees steadily decreased while state government maintained quality services for Kansans,”said Wagnon.
The Democratic leader praised the newspaper for it’s work. She says the most accurate budget numbers are still coming from the State’s Legislative Research Department.
That agency, says Wagnon, is predicting up to a $700 million budget shortfall if there no increases in revenues and more cuts in spending. The Brownback Administration wants to do both.

Wagnon: Kansas House GOP Votes Against Hurricane Relief Could Bite Them Later
January 8, 2013

The Chair of the Kansas Democratic Party, Joan Wagnon, is ridiculing the state’s GOP Congressional delegation for voting against federal aid for the Hurricane Sandy repairs.
All four members of the delegation opposed the federal spending. The measure, however, passed.
“Now that Kansas Representatives have voted against the residents in the Northeast, how can they expect any one of them to come to the aid of Kansas farmers, or tornado victims,” Wagnon said in a news release.
The Democrat said the four Kansas Republicans were prodded by the conservative Club for Growth to vote against the spending.

Vratl to Join KS Dems to Review Brownback’s Budget
August 15, 2012

Republican Senator John Vratl of Leawood

The Kansas Democratic Party says Johnson County Republican State Senator John Vratl will join Kansas Democrats Thursday to talk about Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s budget.
An advisory says they intend to “refute” Governor Sam Brownback’s “unfounded claims” about the his tax plan.
Tuesday, Brownback and economist Arthur Laffer briefed Johnson County small businessmen on the changes in the state tax code. Those changes were pushed by Brownback. Laffer helped design the Governor’s tax cut package.
They told the Jonson County audience it would be an “adrenaline” shot to the state’s economy.
Vratl is one of the moderate Republicans who disagree. He and some others fear it could punch a hole in the budget in the years ahead.
Vratl joining up with Kansa Democratic Chair Joan Wagnon is a sign the surviving moderate Republicans in the Kansas Legislature are trying to build an alliance with Kansas Democrats. Vratl won’t be around the statehouse to see that next year.
He announced his retirement this summer. A conservative won his seat in the State Senate, as Gov. Brownback led a conservative sweep through the ranks of moderate Kansas Republicans during this month’s primary.

Kansas Democrats Get New Director
December 21, 2011

The Kansas Democratic Party will have a new Executive Director for the election year 2012.
Kentucky political operative Jason Perkey has taken the job.
According to a news release from Democratic party Chairwoman Joan Wagnon, “Perkey will leave his position as a regional field director with the Kentucky Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign in Louisville, KY, to start as the KDP’s executive director on Jan. 3.

“Jason has a wealth of campaign experience, good management experience, and he is committed to the values of education, opportunity and responsibility that the Kansas Democratic Party holds dear,” said Wagnon,
“The energy he brings to Kansas will surely make a difference in the coming months.”

Perkey said he is happy to be coming to Kansas. “I am very excited to be leading an incredibly smart and talented team,” he said. “I am especially looking forward to unleashing the enthusiasm and energy of Democratic activists all over the state.”

In 2010, Perkey managed the campaign of Democrat David Yates who defeated incumbent Republican Doug Hawkins for the District 25 seat on the Louisville Metro Council. Perkey has also worked on presidential, gubernatorial, congressional and state legislative campaigns in Kentucky, Illinois and Virginia.”

Kansas Lawmakers Still Working on Budget, Dem Chair Chief Blasts School Cuts
May 6, 2011

The AP reports Kansas lawmakers are still trying to nail down a $14 billion dollar budget for the state.

As the wrap-up session continues, the main  issues seem to be the state’s cash reserves and school funding.

The head of the Kansas Democratic Party is blasting the Republican budget the lawmakers are trying to wrap up.

At a Thursday news conference, Joan Wagnon accused the GOP lawmakers of making a mistake on school funding.

“ Kansas is going in the wrong direction in funding its schools,” she said.

Wagnon says the emphasis on the state economy and jobs, all the tax incentive are meaningless;;

Wagnon says the lawmakers need to find another $474 million to pay for the public school systems at the proper level.

The legislature is trying to wrap up its session in the next few days.