McCaskill’s Campaign 2012: Mission Accomplished
January 3, 2013

Mccaskill swornMissouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, once viewed as the most vulnerable Democrat in the 2012 campaign cycle, was sworn in for his second term Thursday.
Her office says Missouri colleague, Sen. Roy Blunt and former Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan escorted her in the Senate Chamber for the oath, administered by Vice President Joe Biden.
McCaskill’s husband held a bible as the Vice President administered the oath of office.
Conservatives and Republicans targeted McCaskill as a likely take-over opportunity when the campaign season began.
They viewed her support for President Obama as political kryptonite in a Republican-leaning state
As late as August, polls showed her 10 points behind the just-nominated GOP challenger, Rep. Todd Akin.
Akin’s campaign imploded after his remarks that it was biologically possible for a woman to avoid getting pregnant during a “legitimate rape”.
McCaskill ended up trouncing Akin by double-digits.
In a statement to start her second senate term, McCaskill promised, “to create more jobs, and continue my dogged effort to bring down the national debt. And any politician or contractor tempted to waste taxpayer dollars for their own benefit should be on notice—if I have it my way, these next six years will see a new level of accountability in government.”

Missouri Govenor Nixon Tees Up Special Session Agenda in Labor Day Remarks
September 5, 2011

Her is a portion of the labor Day remarks sent out Missouri Govenor Jay Nixon. He foocuises on the jobs agenda of the special session that starts later this week.:

“I firmly believe that there’s nothing more rewarding than a hard day’s work – and I want every Missourian who wants a job to have one. That’s why my top priority as Governor has been helping Missouri’s businesses create new jobs – and making sure Missouri workers have the skills needed to compete for those jobs.

And on that front, we’re seeing steady progress. Unemployment is at a two-year low, we’ve seen a growth of $1 billion in Missouri-made exports and three national organizations have recently ranked Missouri one of the 10 top states to do business. Just a couple weeks ago, our state’s perfect AAA credit rating was reaffirmed.

But there’s much more work to do.

That’s why I’ve called our legislature back into a special session to pass the “Made in Missouri” job-creation package. This comprehensive plan would create thousands of jobs and make Missouri companies more competitive in a global economy. It would increase our investments in science and technology, while also reforming our tax credit system to ensure our continued fiscal responsibility.

This plan already has strong bi-partisan support in the legislature and is supported by leaders in the business community and in organized labor. We’re going to work hard to get it done.

As you celebrate this Labor Day holiday, I encourage you to thank someone who has gone the extra mile this past year to provide for their family. Working people built our state and nation. And they remain our state’s most valuable asset.”