Huelskamp: I Still Don’t Know 2013 Assignments
December 20, 2012

Huelskamp TimWest Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s feud with Speaker John Boekher and the House GOP leadership continues.
Huelskamp was kicked off two key Congressional committeea, Agriculture and the Budget Committee earlier this month.
Huelskamp says he is being punished for not voting with the Leadership often enough.
On C-SPAN Thursday morning, Huelskamp says he still does not know what committeea he will serve on next year.
Wednesday, a report in Politico says Huelskamp and two other Members, Rep. Justin Amash and Rep. David Schweikert were tossed off their previous assignments because an unnamed member of the Republican Steering Committee called them, “the most egregious a–holes” in the House.
The report says Huelskamp and the other two, “made life harder for other Republicans”.
Earlier in his career, Huelskamp was also removed from an important committee in the Kansas State Senate.
House Speaker Boehner’s office disputes Huelskamp’s claim the GOP leadership were keeping a loyalty scorecard.
In a statement, Boehner says “there is no scorecard”, however, Huelskamp insisted one exists.
Not surprisingly, during the C-SPAN interview, Huelskamp calls the Speaker’s latest offer of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, “an economically foolish thing to do”.
He says it will increase 41% of the taxes that affect the small business that fill his west Kansas district.
Huelskamp, a 5th generation farmer, says it’s wrong not to have someone like him on the Agriculutre Committee.

Cleaver Says ‘Plan B’ for Fiscal Cliff Just “Messaging”, Critical of Obama, Too
December 20, 2012

Kansas City Congressman, Democrat Emanuel Cleaver says the big vote in the Republican-controlled House today on the fiscal cliff is just window dressing.
House Speaker John Boehner is expected to put the second version of his budget deal, nicknamed ‘Plan B’, up for a vote Thursday.
Cleaver is not impressed.
“’Plan B’ has nothing to do with coming up with a solution,” Cleaver told radio station KCUR, “it is just a messaging move. It has nothing to do with striking a deal.”
The Kansas City Democrat says he is not supportive of some of President Obama’s budget deal offers, either.
Cleaver opposes a change in the way to calculate the cost of living increase for Americans on Social security. He says the president’s new formula amounts to a cut in Social Security benefits.
“I will compromise on anything except cutting the benefits of the people I represent,” Cleaver said.
Cleaver was also praised on Capitol Hill Wednesday as he comes to the end of his two-year term as the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, that’s the largest caucus in Congress.

Huelskamp Says He May Not Voter for Boehner to be Re-elected As Speaker
December 13, 2012

The New York Times is reporting conservative Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp may show his unhappiness over being kicked off two key House Committees by not voting for House Speaker John Boehner’s re-election as Speaker.
Huelskamp, a west Kansas farmer, was booted from the House Agriculture Committee and the powerful House Budget Committee last week.
He says he is being punished for not voting with his fellow Republicans in Leadership often enough.
“The vast majority of his district wants him ( Huelskamp) to oppose Mr. Boehner’s re-election” according to the Times.
The larger thrust of the report dealt with the possibility the Speaker is struggling to keep his most conservative members in line as the fiscal cliff negotiations continue.
Huelskamp is one of four conservative House Members who were removes from some of their committee posts last week.

Huelskamp Writes Boehner—I Want My Committees Back
December 8, 2012

Kansas-1 Congressman Tim Huelskamp has sent a second letter to House Speaker John Boehner about being kicked off the house Budget and Agriculture Committee.
Huelskamp was booted from those two important panels earlier this week. He said he has not been told why by the GOP House Leadership, but believes he’s the victim of a political pay back for not voting with leadership often enough.
“It is simply wrong to remove a Member of Congress from a Committee, because he votes his conscience and votes in the interests of his district” Huelskamp said Friday.
In his letter to Speaker John Boehner, Huelskamp wrote, “ I respectfully renew my request to be appointed to a seat on each when the Steering Committee reconvenes,”.
That could be as early as next week when all of the House Republican Committee assignments are expected to be released
“The Agriculture and Budget Committees fall directly within my areas of expertise.” He added.
Huelskamp noted he was a farmer and had worked on government budgets in the past.
The tone of the letter is much more businesslike that Huelskamp’s earlier remarks about the demotion.
He claimed he and three other Republicans were removed from their committees for not being loyal enough to the Republican House Leaders.
Wednesday he called his demotion a display of “raw political power”.
Huelskamp says he’s asked the House Leadership to explain why he was dumped, a specific list of which votes he cast that made the leaders unhappy.
On Wednesday Huelskamp seems to dismiss the importance of his House Committee work.
He told reporters the House Budget Committee had not met for months.
“We haven’t had a Budget hearing or meeting since the spring”, he said.
Huelskamp also discounted the work of the Agriculture Committee.
He said Wednesday the farm panel never worked the current Farm Bill under consideration very much.
“On the farm Bill sub-committee, we never really worked the Farm Bill. It was presented to us by the Chairman, Frank Lucan, ‘here’s the bill’” Huelskamp said.
Huelkamp first claimed his removal from the Ag Committee means for the first time since Kansas entered the Union, no member from the state’s delegation was on the Agriculture Committee. He now says it is more in the range of 50 years.
Agri-business is the dominant industry in Huelskamp’s huge “Big First’ Congressional District that covers the western half of the state.

Topeka Republican Joins House Leadership, Jenkins Gets #5 Spot
November 15, 2012

Rep. Lynn Jenkins

Topeka Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins joined the ranks of Republican House leadership Wednesday. Jenkins was elected to the #5 spot in House leadership, the Vice Chair of the Republican Conference.
Jenkins is one of two women to join the GOP House leadership. Washington state Congresswoman Catrhy McMorris was elected to the Conference Chair position.
““Working together will be essential to tackling the challenges America faces, but we will not compromise on our values, or any policy we feel will slow down the economic growth this country needs. We have the opportunity to provide a better future for our children. It is time to start governing and move this country forward,” Jenkins said in a statement after he election.
As part of the leadership, Jenkins role will be to help House Speaker John Boehner lead the Republican majority in the House.
At times, Boehner has struggled to keep some of the GOP’s most conservative House members in line, in particular on a budget and deficit talks with the White House and the Democratic majority in the Senate.
Jenkins was elected to Congress in 2008. She is also a former Kansas State Treasurer and also served in the Kansas Legislature.