Brownback Starts to Move Juvenile Justice into Department of Corrections
January 18, 2013

More consolidation in Kansas state government.
Late friday, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback started moving the state Juvenile Justice Authority(JJA)into the state’s Department of Corrections (KDOC).
He did it with an executive order. Brownback indicated he would do that late last year.
“Moving JJA to KDOC will increase the emphasis on safety while continuing to provide programs proven to get our youth back on the right path. It will also provide opportunities to strengthen public safety, build upon successes realized through a minimal administrative consolidation of functions two years ago, and provide for the unique needs of these two populations,” Gov. Brownback wrote in his message to lawmakers.
legislators have 60 days to reject the request. otherwise it takes effect July 1, 2013.
The state juvenile justice system, according to the Governor’s office, supervises about 1,500 young Kansans. State law permits the state to take custody of young people between the ages of 10-23.
The state’s two main juvenile custody centers are at Larened, Kansas. there is another in Topeka.