Brownback Administration Announcing $50 Million Mote Budget Cuts Thursday
July 30, 2015

AP) – Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget director is preparing to outline $50 million in adjustments aimed at keeping Kansas from having a deficit.
Budget director Shawn Sullivan’s news conference was Thursday afternoon at the Statehouse.
The governor’s office said beforehand that Sullivan would discuss recommendations for reducing costs and shifting funds within state government to cover general expenses. It was not more specific.
Brownback was not attending the news conference because he was meeting with Wichita business owners.
GOP legislators counted on Brownback’s administration making adjustments under a plan to balance the state’s $15.4 billion budget. The plan approved also increased sales and cigarette taxes this month.
The state’s budget problems arose after lawmakers cut income taxes in 2012 and 2013 at Brownback’s urging to stimulate the economy.

Brownback’s 1st Version of Budget Trimming Draws GOP Heat
December 9, 2014

AP) – Two GOP leaders in the Kansas Senate are criticizing Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan for eliminating a projected $279 million shortfall in the current state budget.

Brownback’s plan would trim spending and divert funds for public pensions to general government programs. His administration unveiled it Tuesday.
Budget Director Shawn Sullivan outlined the proposal Tuesday in interviews with reporters. The plan avoids cutting aid to public schools and the state’s Medicaid program for the needy.

The governor can make some spending cuts himself but needs the Legislature’s approval for some parts of his plan.

Those parts include diverting nearly $96 million in funds for highway projects to general government programs.

The plan would eliminate a projected $279 million shortfall in the budget for the fiscal year that began in July. The state still would face a $436 million shortfall for the next fiscal year.

Senate President Susan Wagle of Wichita said the governor is picking winners and losers by being selective in cutting. She said she prefers to see the burden of closing the budget shortfall spread evenly.

Senate Vice President Jeff King of Independence criticized the plan for diverting $41 million in contributions to the state pension system. King is chairman of the Senate pensions committee.

King said the plan threatens to undo gains made in recent years to improve the pension system’s long-term financial health.

Kansas Campaign Watchdog Agency May Lose 1 of Its 2 Auditors
September 20, 2012

(AP) – The Kansas Ethics Commission would lose one of its two auditors under proposed budget cuts that come at a time when the commission’s responsibilities are growing.

The possible cut stems from the state’s budget department request for agency directors to put together budgets that have 10 percent less spending.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Carol Williams, executive director of the commission, told commission members Wednesday the result would be fewer audits for the agency, which enforces campaign laws and regulates lobbying.

The commission’s proposed budget cuts about $42,000 in salaries and wages, and leaves the commission about $15,000 to pay a part-time temporary employee to help with audits.

Commission auditors review reports by county and state candidates, political action committees and party committees. They also review formal complaints.