Show-Me Institute Joins Anti Medical Tax Crowd
October 14, 2013

The conservative Show-Me institute is the latest group to come out against the Jackson County medical Research tax.
The Institute published an opinion piece Monday , the institute called it “an egregious misuse of the taxing authority,”.
Co-author Patrick Ishmael told KMBC TV News the measure doe not meet the public purpose threshold of the Missouri Constitution.
“Law firms, construction companies, and just about every other type of business provide a level of public service. Where do you draw the line on which businesses to subsidize with taxes?”
Ishmael writes “the line needs to be drawn somewhere, and this is a good place to start”.
The proposed tax would raise the county sales tax by ½ cent. Boosters say it will generate $800 million over 20 years.
The money is intended to attract cutting edge medical researchers her to a research institution in connection with several Jackson County hospitals.
A couple of other Kansas City political players have recently announced their opposition to the medical Research Sales Tax.
Over the weekend, the Kansas City Star, citing the regressive nature of the sales tax, which is not based on one’s ability to pay, came out against the plan.
Last week, Kansas City’s Citizens Association also announced its objection.
Monday, however, Jackson County Legislator James Tindall announced he supports the medical research tax plan.