Kansas Legislature Changes Voter Registration
March 13, 2014

(AP) – The Kansas Senate has approved a proposal from the state Republican Party to make it harder for voters to switch parties before primary elections.

The chamber’s 27-12 vote sends the bill to Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. The House approved the measure last year.

The bill prohibits voters affiliated with a political party from switching their registration between the June 1 candidate filing deadline until after results from the August primary are certified. Current law allows switching up to two weeks before the primary.

Republicans said the change would protect the integrity of party contests. They said party switching allows manipulation of elections.

Democrats said the bill would restrict voting rights and suggested conservative GOP legislators are trying to protect themselves.

Brownback hasn’t said whether he’ll sign the bill.

Kansas Brief Moment on the Campaign Stage, But Not the Spotlight
March 9, 2012

Johnson County Republican Part Chairman Ronnie Metzger wants to let you in a on secret, how to get in and out of the Kansas Caucus meeting Saturday within minutes.
The Caucuses start 10am sharp. There will be five minute speeches in Johnson County for each contender. Each caucus session will last three hours, until 1pm.
It’s even possible at one Johnson County location, candidate Ron Paul himself will make the pitch. He’ll be visiting several caucus locations in the county.
So, here’s Metzger’s secret; skip the 30 minutes of speeches and set up, show up after 10:30, vote and move on.
Just make sure you’re in line before voting closes at 1pm sharp.
If Metzger and his Republican caucus volunteers are busy, they’ll process about 28,000 voters casting a caucus ballot.
The thing to remember is there are more than 160,000 Republicans in. Johnson County alone. So that’s a turn-out of under 20% in the state’s most important county.
After factoring in the staunch GOP tradition of the Sunflower state, this probably makes the Saturday caucus the most competitive vote for President any Kansan will cast this year.
Metzger says this is Kansas moment in the spotlight. Well, they’ll be on the stage anyway.
Two of the four candidates, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are campaigning for Kansas votes,
Front runner Mitt Romney has skipped making any personal campaign stops.
Newt Gingrich had several stops scheduled, but cancelled them.
Rick Santorum stumped in the Kansas City suburban of Lenexa Wednesday. he returns to Topeka and Wichita today.
Ron Paul comes into the state Friday and will work Topeka and Wichita, too.
Paul’s campaign says it will try to show up at five of Johnson County’s seven caucus locations.
To the extent thatKansas is generating any headlines, it not always what they’re saying about Kansas, it’s more likely that happen to be saying something, while in Kansas.
The campaign narrative has already moved on.
The storyline now is whether or not the Newt Gingrich campaign survives after next Tuesday Alabama and Mississippi primaries.
Still, if you follow Metzger’s come late, vote quick, and move on plan, it will take just a little bit of your time to cast a vote for President.
Here’s link to the Kansas GOP Saturday Caucus locations:

Click to access Caucus-Locations-7.pdf