Kansas Crack Down on Welfare Spending Scores in Poll
April 22, 2015

Most Kansas voters agree with the state’s restrictions on how welfare clients spend their money, according to a new survey.

The poll, by Remington Research, was conducted after Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law new restrictions on how welfare clients can spend their money.
Almost two thirds approve of the idea of restricting spending on items like gambling, adult entetainment, even movies or swimming pools. All of those are restrictions in the new law.

No, (restrictions) do not go too far: 66%
Go to far: 29%
Undecided 9%.

Kansans in the survey also support limiting ATM withdrawals to $25 a day, with bans on spending money at strip clubs, gambling and going to movies:

Support: 64%
Oppose: 27%
Undecided: 9%

A near majority in the poll also believe forcing welfare clients off public assistance, encourages them to become self-reliant.

Strongly agree 49%
Somewhat agree: 17%
Somewhat disagree: 14%
Strongly disagree: 10%
No opinion: 9%

Remington Research says 1,021 Kansas voters participated in the poll on April 20-21). Remington says it gathered the survey participants based on what it expects the 2016 general election make up is to be in Kansas.
The margin of error is 3%.