Citizen Association Slate
March 6, 2015

The Citizen Association Slate:

Sly James

Scott Wagner
1st District, At Large

Dick Davis
1st District, In District

Teresa Loar
2nd District, At Large

Dan Fowler
2nd District, In District

Quinton Lucas
3rd District, At Large

Jermaine Reed
3rd District, In District

Jim Glover
4th District, At Large

Jolie Justus
4th District, In District

Lee Barnes, Jr.
5th District, At Large

Ken Bacchus
5th District, In District

Scott Taylor
6th District, At Large

Kevin McManus
6th District, In District

Chastain Gets Hearing, Launches Campaign
May 18, 2011

Former write-in candidate for mayor Clay Chastain says he has a court date for his challenger to the Spring election results.

Chastain says that hearing is set for September 20th.

He believes, and is demanding the results of the Kansas City municipal election be set aside. He claims he was deceived and  didn’t get a chance to run in the February primary.

Chastain maintains election officials told him there was room on the March run-off ballot for a write-in candidate. The city said, and a court  backed them up.  The ruling said the appropriate place for a write-in candidate was in the primary, not the general election.

In launching his campaign, Chastain did not mention his favorite issue,mass transit, as his top priority.

He said crime is the city’s biggest problem. He also mentioned improving the city schools. The mayor has no direct control over any of Kansas City’s school districts.

His third priority is his call for improving public transportation.