Holland & Murguia Clash on Issues and Flyers in Final Debate
April 1, 2013

Kansas City, Kansas mayoral candidates clashed a final time over the basic issue of the campaign, taxes.
At a debate and question and answer session at the downtown public library, candidates Mark Holland and Ann Murguia, both current members of the City Commission, clashed about votes in 2011 and 2012 raising the property tax rate slightly.
Holland said the city had no other option. Without the rise, he claimed, the city would be faced with lay-offs.
“And 30 of those would be police officers, and 30 would be fire fighters. And it’s very important we not make cuts to our public safety,” said Holland. He said he voted for both measures.
Murguia did not vote for either measure. She said it hurt KCK homeowners whose homes were declining in value.
“To charge them more when their homes are worth less, is a contradiction,” said Murguia.
Murguia said the city had other options they could have used.
And she claims even after raising the rate, the Commission went ahead and approved other budget increases.
Holland said he thought the tax rate increase can pulled back off the tax rolls as the economy improves. He also said that in several years, the city will get between $12-15 million dollars when Kansas STAR bonds, used to develop western Wyandotte County and KCK will end and the city will get full tax revenues from that district.
The debate was broadcast live on KCUR radio and the ‘Up to Date’program with Kansas City Star political writer Steve Kraske.
Kraske asked both candidates about the third-party flyers popping up in voters’ mail boxes in the final days of the race.
One flyer attacks Holland. It is from the Americans For Prosperity group, a conservative organization lead by the Koch Brothers of Wichita.
Holland called Americans For Prosperity a group that is involved in “union busting”. He said it was a mystery that he should get attacked at Murguia’s benefit when she claims to have union support.
Murguia said she had nothing to do with the flyer.
Murguia was also the subject of another flyer suggesting she was a Republican. That’s a serious charge in heavily Democratic Wyandotte County.
Murguia says the flyer is confusing. On one side it associates her with Republicans like Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. The other said complains about her voting for tax increases.
Murguia said during the debate it is like the flyer can’t make up its mind.
The polls in Kansas City, Kansas open at 7 Tuesday morning. They close at 7pm. Final results are expected before 10pm Tuesday night.

Mainstream Coalition Denies Anti- Holland Flyer is Thiers
March 29, 2013

The Kansas City Kansan is reporting that the race for Mayor of the KCK Unified Government is getting tough in the final weekend.
The Kansan reports the Mainstream Coalition is denying it has anything to do with a new flyer attacking candidate Mark Holland.
The Mainstream Coalition says it has endorsed Holland over rival, fellow Commissioner Ann Murguia.
Mainstream says the flyer contains an incorrect address for the groups as well.
Mainstream, according to the report, has filed an official complaint with the Kansas Ethics Commission.
Given the staffing at the Commission and the timing if the mailer, it’s not likely the Commission will be able to do anything about it before next Tuesday’s election.

Murguia Makes it Official, Launches Campaign for KCK Mayor With No Property Tax Hike Pledge
January 14, 2013

Ann Murguia

Ann Murguia

Third District Commissioner Ann Murguia is opening here campaign for KCK with a pledge to make the government work better; oppose property tax increases and improve public safety.
He campaign had been expected after two-term mayor Joe Reardon announced he would not seek a third term.
The filing deadline is about two weeks away. The election is this spring.
“The goal is to get the residents in Wyandotte County what they need and want. I will continue to take a stand against higher taxes and work relentlessly to improve government services. Public safety is a priority with the residents of this community and it will continue to be a priority with me, “ Murguia said in a news release officially announcing her campaign.
Murguia said she’ll oppose property tax increases in Wyandotte County.
“They make our County non-competitive for many businesses. They hamper our ability to retain and grow our population. They are devastating to the family living pay check to pay check and it has had a major impact on the foreclosure rate in Wyandotte County. I demonstrated as a UG Commissioner that I will not vote for property tax increases and I will not support property tax increases as Mayor,” she said.
Murguia is the Executive Director of the Argentine Neighborhood development Association.
Two other Commission members, Nate Barnes and Mark Holland are also running for Mayor.