KCK Casino Hotel on Hold
April 13, 2015

The owners of the Hollywood Casino near the speedway in Kansas City, Kansas says they are postponing building a 200-room hotel next to the facility.
“This decision was a difficult one but one that is based on continued soft economic conditions in the region, especially in the hotel market, and other proposed changes to the casino operating environment,” said BJ Fair, Chief Development Officer for Penn National Gaming.
That reference to “proposed changes in the gaming environment in Kansas”, is a reference to a long shot bill that is still alive in the Kansas Legislature.
That measure would permit the closed Woodland Dog and horse Track in KCK to reopen, and be supported by up to 2800 slot machines.
KCK spokesman Mike Taylor says such a change would alter the playing field for the casino next to the KCK race track.
Taylor also says KCK citizens were protected in the deal even with the postponement.
Under the terms of the hotel development deal, the local government would get 1% of the casino annual operating revenue for each year the hotel is not build.
Taylor says that could be $1.4 million to the Unified Government, based on recent casino operations, for each year the hotel is not built.

KCK, WyCo Raise Property Tax Rate in New Budget
July 29, 2011

The Unified Government of Kansas City, Kansas and Wyandotte County has approved a nearly 9% increase in local property taxes rates.

The tax rate hike will cover a $8 million hole in the County budget.

The final vote was 6-4.

When combined with other fee increases, for sewers and the Board of Public Utilities, Wyandotte County taxpayers will pay about $60 more this year, according to a statement from the County.

TUG points out the property tax payment for an average home won’t be as much as it used to be.

It says the taxpayer of an average home in 2008 paid $702 dollars in taxes. This year it will be $677.

Despite the growth of new projects in western Wyandotte County, Administrator Dennis Hays told the Commission in his budget message the recession had hit the local economy hard. That shows up in the budget through program spending cuts, reduced workforce and furloughs and a suspension of the County capital improvement program.

AThe unified Government of kansas City, kabnsas and Wyandotte County Commissioner approave raising the tax nother part of the new budget deal is to start a county-wide budget review

TEA Party Leader Says ‘Presidential Convention’ Coming to KCK
May 17, 2011

This post first appeared Saturday. The news conference making the formal announcement takes place today.

                     Rev. William Temple of the Tea Party Founding Fathers

William Temple, the leader of the Tea Party Founding Fathers group, says it will stage a Presidential Convention of sorts in Kansas City, Kansas.

Temple, the chair of the Tea Party Founding Fathers, will have the details at a news conference at the Woodlands race track on Tuesday. The gathering is expected to run from September 28 through October 2 at the race track.

In a statement, Temple says the event, ‘Freedom Jamboree’ will meet in Kansas City, not Washington as in the past. The last major Tea Party gathering was in a march in Washington in 2009. Last year, the groups had three major events in different cities. Temple says this year they prefer a large central gathering to prepare for the 2012 election cycle.

Temple says the event will have some of the trappings of a political convention, an opening gavel, speeches and a balloon drop.

He says there will be a presidential preference straw poll rather than a formal nomination. Temple says he’s not sure how many people will attend.

A statement says “State Tea Parties will host a massive tail-gate party in 50 caucus areas with interstate contests; (and the ) Movement will add national security and family issues to their economic platform for 2012”.

Temple says the meeting will be an effort to get the Tea Party Founding Fathers positions and preferences settled before the Iowa caucuses in early 2012.

KCK Mayor Joe Reardon Asks White House to Block EPA Move
April 15, 2011

Dole: Keep EPA in KCK
April 4, 2011

Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole has weighed in on the potential move of the Region 7 Environmental Protection Agency headquarters out of KCK (see earlier posts).

Here’s some of Dole’s op-ed from the KC Star over the weekend:

 “A relocation plan of the regional headquarters, an expensive proposition, should accurately calculate the costs of moving including customizing, construction, a new information technology infrastructure, and loss of employee productivity if the distance grows from the technical laboratory. These costs to the taxpayer may outweigh any benefits gained by moving to a new building with a lower rental rate.”

“In  realnumbers it has been estimated by local officials that Wyandotte County would lose 249 jobs, and 517 jobs would be lost in the six-county region. Additionally, Wyandotte County would lose $7.4 million in earnings and the six-county region would lose almost $18 million.. This would be a devastating loss for the region as it struggles to recover from the economic downturn.”

TheUnified Government has worked hard to continue the economic improvement of this city in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood, the Fifth Street Corridor and the newly opened Children’s Campus near the EPA. The recent good news that Google has chosen Kansas City, Kan., to build a high-speed fiber optic network — which they think will be the fastest Internet service in America — is further evidence the commitment to economic growth is working, must continue and will benefit the EPA. These new investments and interest in this area would be crippled if the EPA were to leave.

In keeping with the letter and spirit of urban investment and revitalization, I urge the federal government to work closely with locally elected officials and give serious consideration to the effect the site selection will have on improving the social, economic, environmental, public transportation and cultural conditions of the community. We should make sure that all of the costs and effects of a move are accurately calculated before making a decision.”

more: http://www.kansascity.com/2011/04/03/2773239/epa-and-kck-have-been-good-for.html#ixzz1IYhjO6sq