Kansas Libertarian For Governor on De Sex Marriage: I Don’t Want Clerics Governing
October 13, 2014

The Kansas Libertarian candidate for Governor says marriage marriage is a “fundamental right for opposite and same sex couples alike.”
Kenn Umbehr published an opinion piece Monday.
Umnehr is an attorney. In his piece, he described himself as a “constitutional conservative”, who supports all provisions of the constitution.
He says that means he supports free speech and freedom of expression for those he may disagree with.
Umbeher quoted a portion of the district court ruling in the Utah case, where that state’s ban on same sex marriages was struck down.”’ Appellants acknowledge that a state may not “invoke concerns about religious freedom or religion-related strike as a basis for denying rights otherwise guaranteed by the Constitution.
Umbehr wrote his support for same sex marriages conflict with his own beliefs.
He adds, “I do not want to live in a country or state governed by priests, pastors or theologians.”
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says he supports the state constitutional ban. Brownback cited a 2005 vote where 70% of the voters voted to add the amendment to the Kansas constitution.
His Democratic opponent, Paul Davis has voted against same sex marriage bans in the past. But Davis has not said anything the US Supreme Court announcement calling the Kansas ban into question
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