Ashcroft Says US Should Focus on Terrorists Not Syrian Refugees
November 20, 2015

Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft says the nation should keep its focus on the terrorist threat rather than the Syrian refugees.
“What’s important for us is to focus on terrorists, not to try and include broader groups who may or may not include individuals who may or may not be involved in the terrorist movements,” Ashcroft told KMBC TV Friday in Kansas City.
Ashcroft was the nation’s Attorney General when America was attacked on September 11, 2001.
During his time at the Justice Department, the former Missouri Governor supported passage of the US Patriot Act, which increased security after the deadly attacks in New York, the Pentagon.
Ashcroft said he did not think the entire terrorist threat was wrapped up in Syrian refugees.
“The threat is from terrorism. But many people from Syria need a place to go…but we (the US) also need a safe place in which to live and work.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has not tried to block refugees from coming to the state, as 31 other Governors have done.
That includes Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.
At the same event, Nixon says the state needs to keep its options open. He says Missouri can balance the need to keep citizens safe and still respect the tradition of accepting refugees.
Former US Senator Kit Bond, who also served in the Missouri Governor’s mansion, says the refugee problem was “a huge threat”.
Nixon and Ashcroft were at a rare event where all six living Missouri Governors appeared.
Governors Kit Bond, Ashcroft, Roger Wilson, Bob Holden, Matt Blunt and Nixon were guests of the Hawthorn Foundation.
That group was started by Bond in 1982. It helps governors fund overseas trade missions to attract business to Missouri

Former Missouri Governor Joe Teasdale Dies
May 9, 2014

(AP) – A son of former Missouri Gov. Joseph Teasdale says his father has died at age 78.

The former Democratic governor’s eldest son, Bill Teasdale, tells The Associated Press that his father died of complications from pneumonia shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday at a Kansas City, Missouri, hospice center. He says his father was surrounded by family when he passed away.

Joe Teasdale earned the nickname “Walking Joe” for his treks covering 1,000 miles across the state over two years during his nearly victorious primary election campaign in 1972.

He defeated Republican Gov. Christopher S. Bond in 1976 and served as Missouri’s governor until 1981, when Bond took back the seat

Former Senator Bond Now Pushing for Missouri Medicaid Expansion
January 25, 2014

(AP) – As a Republican senator, Kit Bond voted against the federal health care overhaul. Now lobbying for a prominent business group, Bond is pushing Republican legislators in his home state of Missouri to embrace a key provision of the law by expanding Medicaid eligibility.

Bond said Friday that the potential to reap billions of dollars more in federal funding is simply too important for Missouri to pass up, especially for hospitals that otherwise could get stuck with higher costs for treating the uninsured.

“While I was and still am one of the loudest opponents of Obamacare, I’m getting involved in Medicaid reform now because if our State sits on the sidelines, I’m concerned hospitals in rural and inner city Missouri won’t survive,” Bond said in an email.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry declined to say how much it is paying Bond’s consulting firm. But chamber President Dan Mehan said Bond already has met with Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon about the potential to expand Medicaid eligibility.

“He understands the issues very well, and we’re trying to capitalize on his stature, his relationships that he has and his reputation as a one of the best statesmen that this state will ever have,” Mehan said.

Bond voted against the federal health care law when Congress passed it four years ago. He said in December 2009 that President Barack Obama’s health care plan would fail to lower costs or improve the quality of health care. He also criticized the legislation as being “chock full of political payoffs” for Democratic senators so that the party could obtain the votes necessary to stop a Republican filibuster.

Bond chose not to seek re-election in 2010 after serving in the Senate for 24 years. He previously served as state auditor and two terms as governor.

Bond’s consulting firm said he has long supported a strong social safety net and has consistently fought for Missouri to receive a healthy share of federal funding. As a senator, for example, Bond worked to increase the amount of money Missouri’s highway department received from federal fuel taxes.

Even with Bond’s involvement, Medicaid expansion remains a longshot in Missouri.

Over the past year, Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature has repeatedly rejected proposals from Nixon and Democratic lawmakers to extend Medicaid eligibility to an estimated 300,000 additional lower-income adults. States that expand Medicaid eligibility under the terms of Obama’s health law can receive enhanced federal Medicaid payments for those new enrollees

Dole, Bond, Blunt & Brownback Honorary Co-Chairs for KC Convo Pitch
December 2, 2013

Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole and Former Missouri Senator ‘Kit’ Bond joins Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt as the Honorary Co-Chairs of Kansas City’s bid to host the Republican National Convention in 2016.
Kansas City received the bid packaged from the republican national Committee (RNC) last week.
“I am proud to lend my support to the effort to bring the 2016 Republican Convention to Kansas City,” said Dole in a statement Monday. “I believe the city would be an ideal choice to host such an important event for our party.”
“The prospects for the Republican Convention in the Heart of America are exciting,” said Bond in the same statement. “In 1976 Kansas City showed it could host a world-class Republican Convention and the city gained revenue and respect. 40 years later, it would be great to have that opportunity again.”
Senator Blunt and Governor Brownback are also optimistic about the city’s chances of landing the convention.
The first order of business will be to complete the bid proposal the city has. It is due back to the RNC by February 26, 2014.
Other cities being mentioned as the host for the GOP in 2016 include Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and there may be others.
While the main convention session are planned to be held at the Sprint Center Arena in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, the local effort plans to use facilities on both sides of the state line.
In 2012, the Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida metro used facilities in both cities to host the Republican Convention

Kit Bond Hired By City Hall to Lobby for KC in DC
January 2, 2013

City Hall says former Missouri Senator ‘Kit’ Bond has been hired to be a federal lobbyist for the city in Washington.
Bond was a long-time Missouri Senator. He was known for bringing federal projects and federal money back to the state, Kansas City in particular.
Bond was never apologetic about his role even when “pork” became a dirty word on Capitol Hill.
“I am proud to say that Kansas City will be the only governmental entity Kit Bond Strategies will represent,” said Mayor Sly James. “There are few other than our current elected officials who know our needs and priorities as well as Kit Bond. He has long been a friend of Kansas City and will be a powerful voice in Washington to assist in accomplishing our goals.”
“In the Governor’s Mansion and in the U.S. Senate I championed Kansas City’s priorities, from revitalizing neighborhoods, to improving transportation infrastructure, to increasing access to health care, and I am excited to continue fighting for the City on this new front,” said former Senator Bond in a statement.