Hartzler: Time for Holder to Go
June 14, 2013



Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler is one of the latest Republicans to call for US Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation.
The west Missouri Representative issued a statement saying she believes Holder is failing on his job.
“In some cases, Mr. Holder has been personally negligent; in others, he has not adequately overseen the actions of the department he heads,” added Hartzler. “Whether it’s negligence or lack of oversight, Attorney General Holder is clearly not up to the task of performing the duties of this powerful and important office. Mr. Holder must do right by the American people and step down immediately,” Hartzler said Thursday.
Kansas Senator Pat Roberts also recently called for Holder to step down.

Video: Ks. Pat Roberts Answers Clinton’s “What Difference Does it Make?”, Testimony
January 24, 2013

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, a former Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee joined the list of Republican Senators blasting Seceretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony from Wednesday.
His office postyed a short YouTube response:

Roberts Rules, Gets new Appointment as Ranking Member on Rules Panel
January 4, 2013



Kansas Senator Pat Roberts may have lost his post as the ranking Member on the Senate Agriculture Committee, but he has been named the ranking Republican on the Senate Rules Committee.
That could be a key post in the early part of the new Congress. Majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid has signaled he may try to reform Senate rules. Reid is trying to change the rules so one Senator cannot tie up debate on a bill. The prerogatives of a single Senator are one of the long-established tradition in the US Senate.
“As ranking member,” Roberts said, “I will vigorously defend minority rights in the Senate as debate begins on rules for the 113th Congress. The Majority Leader has already threatened to resort to the nuclear option and destroy critical checks and balances in the Senate. Senate institutional rules must not be broken merely to suit the party in power.”
The entire Senate Republican Caucus is expected to ratify Roberts’ post later this month.
Roberts lost the ranking Member post on the Ag Committee this week, when Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran used his seniority to bump Roberts out of that post (see previous post).
Roberts remains on the Ag Committee.
He is also a member of the Senate Finance and Ethics panels.
The Rules Committee works on campaign reform and election legislation as well as administrating Senate rules.
He held a similar position in the House when he was a member there before being elected to the Senate.

Capitol Hill Postgame: House Vote Reaction from the Locals
July 30, 2011

Mo-4 Rep. Vicky Hartzler:

The American people have had enough! This legislation will keep America from defaulting and take away President Obama’s credit card,”
“The simple truth is that the ultimate answer to our debt crisis is a Balanced Budget Amendment, which I now believe we are on the path to securing. What we have accomplished today is an essential step to spending discipline. We need a balanced budget.”

Ks-3 Rep. Kevin Yoder:
“While the Senate continues to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, the House is charting a course to avoid the looming iceberg of debt and overspending that will sink our nation. Today’s bill is a good first step that meets the President’s request to raise the debt ceiling, in exchange for responsible spending reductions and reforms to get our fiscal house in order.”

Mo-6 Rep. Sam Graves:
The House has now passed two different plans to end this crisis. It is time for the Senate and President to join us in safeguarding our economy and to begin making the tough choices necessary to return our country to a fiscally responsible course.”

Ks-2 Rep. Lynn Jenkins:
This two tiered approach is based on the principles of Cap, Cut and Balance that failed to clear the Senate last week. Though this bill does not address entitlement spending as I would have preferred, I believe it is a big first step in the direction of solving a problem it took our nation 235 years to reach.”

Ks Senator Pat Roberts:
seniors. It’s disappointing that Majority Leader Reid, while first endorsing this initial step, has now proposed an alternative plan that simply does not contain real debt reduction. Meanwhile, President Obama remains on the sidelines.”

Roberts Defends Farm Subsidies
May 31, 2011

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts is defending farm subsidies and calling for more federal de-regulation on the farm.

He is at the first field hearing on the new farm bill. The hearing is on the Michigan State University campus. Roberts acknowledges the pressures of the federal debt debate may have an impact on agriculture funding. Another factor is the current the high price for commodities.

“Some folks question the need for a Farm Bill with commodity prices where they are today, Roberts said at the hearing.

“I don’t have to tell this crowd that prices can fall much more quickly than they rise.”

“Without an adequate safety net many producers will struggle to secure operating loans and lines of credit to cover input and equipment costs. We need those producers to stay in business if we’re going to meet this global challenge.

Roberts’ other concern is too many federal regulations on the farm, from agencies besides the Department of Agriculture.

Roberts said, “Kansas producers continue to tell me that federal regulations from outside USDA pose just as great a threat to their ability to feed a troubled and hungry world as anything else.

“In a time when the future of agriculture production so heavily impacts our national security, why would we do anything from the federal government standpoint to hinder their efforts?

According to the National farmers Union (NFU), the cost of the most recent farm bill that started in 2008 and is now ending, is $32 billion dollars