Pompeo Hints at Primary Challenge to Moran
April 6, 2016

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) declined to say Wednesday morning whether he has ruled out mounting a primary challenge against Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, adding that he would make his decision in a matter of days.
The Kansas Republican, speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, played coy when asked whether he planned to run against Moran, after the Kansas senator reversed his position late last week on whether Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should receive a hearing and a vote. While he had previously been quoted as telling constituents that the “process should go forward” and that he has a “job to do,” Moran reversed that position late last week.
“Hugh, you’ve known me long enough to know I’m going to always try to find the right place to serve Kansas and America,” Pompeo said. “We’re trying to figure out exactly where that is. And in the next days or maybe a week or so, we’ll figure that out. You’ll be right among the first to know.”
Hewitt responded, “So that’s still an open possibility?”
“Hugh, it’s a great day in Kansas,” Pompeo responded.

Ks Senate School Funding Plan: $131M More, Higher LOB
March 26, 2014

. (AP) – Republican leaders in the Kansas Senate have outlined a new school funding plan that would give local districts extra authority to increase property taxes to supplement their state funds.

GOP leaders unveiled the plan Wednesday in a caucus of Republican senators.

The plan is designed to meet a Kansas Supreme Court mandate for the state to boost aid to poor districts.

The proposal would provide $134 million to poor districts. It would allow school districts to use property taxes to raise a local option budget of 33 percent. The state currently allows 31 percent.