Missouri Budget Approved
April 22, 2016

(AP) – The Missouri Legislature has passed a budget that boosts education funding and cuts off state money for Planned Parenthood.
The $27 billion spending plan approved Thursday now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon. It would take effect July 1.
The budget includes a 4 percent increase for higher education institutions, though the University of Missouri system’s administration would see a $3.8 million cut.
It adds $71 million to the nearly $3.3 billion of existing basic aid for K-12 schools. But that is still more than $400 million below the legal guidelines for school funding.
Lawmakers blocked Medicaid funding from going to any entity that offers elective abortions. That money already is prohibited from paying for abortions, but Planned Parenthood currently accepts Medicaid payments for services such as vaccinations and exams.

House Dems Pledge Unity on Photo ID Veto
June 6, 2011

Missouri House Democrats are promising they will all vote to uphold Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a photo ID bill.
Unanimous opposition by Democrats may be key in upholding a veto. There are 105 Republicans in the House. They would need four Democratic votes to override a Nixon veto.
Democratic Leader Mike Talboy of Kansas City wrote Gov. Nixon Monday stating the Democratic Caucus is united in it’s opposition.
Talboy and the Democrats believe about 230 000 Missouri voters could be turned away from the polls if the photo ID bill is enacted.
Missouri Republicans think photo ID at the polls will crack down on vote fraud in the state. Sent from my iPhone