Ditto-Cam: Limbaugh Bust Has Security Camera Trained on It
May 22, 2012

Another oddity is surfacing in the Rush Limbaugh bust in the Hall of Famous Missourians at the state capitol in Jefferson City.
ABC News notes the Limbaugh bust has its own security camera dedicated to it.
The report cited Missouri House Communication Director Trevor Fox saying a security camera was installed specifically for the bust of the conservative radio broadcaster.
The bust of the Missouri native was installed in a brief ceremony limited to some, but not all, lawmakers and the capitol press corps.
House Democrats complained about the restricted ceremony.
The Limbaugh bust ignited a political firestorm in Missouri. Partly because Limbaugh was taking heat nationally fo calling a woman he disagreed with on the Obama health care law a ‘slut’ and a “prostitute” on his radio broadcast.