Local Control of KC Cops Set Back
November 12, 2013

The bid to restore local control of the Kansas City Police Department sustained a setback Monday.
A panel looking panel considering the issue voted 13-12, with five members absent, to retain local control of the police force.
A final decision will be made by the City Council. The state legislature would also have to any change in the governance of thePolice Board.
Kansas City’s police force is the only one in the nation not supervised by local authorities.
The group, however, did vote to expand the size of the police board. It voted in favor of adding two more gubernatorial appointees to the board, raising its membership from four to six member appointed by the Governor.
Earlier this year, Police Chief Darryl Forte announced his support of state control of the Board. The Police Dept.’s representatives on the panel also voted for local control.
Kansas City Mayor Sly James appointed the panel to look after the issue after the city of St. Louis regained local control of its police force following a statewide vote.
In a statement Monday evening, Kansas City Mayor James said he looks forward to working with the Council and the Legislature to “develop a structure that works for everyone”

Citizens Association Opposes Local Control of KC Police
October 23, 2013

The Kansas City Political club, The Citizens Associations is opposing local control of the Kansas City Police Department, saying the proposed remedy is ” throwing the baby out with the bath water”.
A panel appointed by Kansas City Mayor Sly James is considering whether or not to put the proposal on the ballot.
Earlier this year, Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte came out against the plan, too.
The Citizens Association resolution says improvements can be made in the department.
It notes the city spends 46% of its general fund on the department and city spending on the police could be improved.
“The citizens of Kansas City would be well served by improving the financial accountability of the board of police commissioners for spending city funds as determined by the city council and in manners that better husband law enforcement financial resources, the resolution states.
The resolution also says since state control started 74 years ago, the Police Department has largely free of major scandals.
It goes on to note that a number of local officials, including five members of the City Council have been convicted in corruptions scandal and sent to jail.
Kansas City is the only police department in the nation controlled by the state, not by local officials.
Last year, St. Louis voted to end state control. The City of St. Louis now governs it’s police force.