American Royals Breaks Off Kemper Arena Talks With City
November 24, 2014

The American Royals says it will no longer participate in City Hall talks over the future of Kemper Arena and other city-owner buildings in the West Bottoms.
“We don’t think our further participation in a public debate regarding these facilities is healthy for our organization,
Lawyers for the group sent a letter to City Councilman Ed Ford. He is leading a joint committee trying to figure out the future of the 40 year old structure.
Earlier this month, the Royal’s call for $30 in city money for demolition, and a $1 million/year of city money for utilities ran into opposition.
The Royla says it’s an would save the city $100 million over the remaining 30 years of the lease between City Hall and the Royal.
The Royal
Proposal is the only one on the table now.
An alternative offered by the Foutch Brothers development firm to convert the old arena into a youth sports complex was withdrawn, supposedly under pressure from the Royal.
The American Royal also thinks the dispute over Kemper Arena is translating into a debate over the future of the American Royal.
“The current debate and negative dialogue have become a detriment to the American Royal brand and its core mission.
Fird says a hearing planned for early next month on Kemper’s future is now pointless.