Missouri Senate Race was one of the Most Expensive for Candidates
November 9, 2012

Missouri’s rough and tumble US Senate race was one of the most expensive in the country in 2012.
The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) says the candidates who ran for the senate this year spent almost $33 million dollars on the campaign ($32,912,609). That includes candidate spending in the Missouri Republican primary. Businessman John Brunner spent 8 million of his own money in a losing cause. The CRP totals do not include outside spending which is estimated to have been another $10-12 million dollars.
The most expensive Senate campaign for candidates, according to CRP, was in Massachusetts. Democrat Elizabeth Warren defeated incumbent Scott Brown. Together, they spent more than $70 million dollars.
The Virginia Senate race, won by Kansas City native, Democrat Tim Kaine, was another very expensive campaign in 2012.
Kaine defeated Republican George Allen in another tough fight that drew national attention. The total spending in that race, including outside groups, Candidates in Virginia, and outside groups, according to CRP went over the $82.4 million dollar mark, making it the most expensive US Senate race in the nation.
. More than half of that was from third party groups trying to influence the race.


Akin Fund Raising Appeal Blasts GOP Leaders for Abandoning His Campaign, But Supporting “Pro-Choice” Republicans
September 18, 2012

A new fund raising appeal from the Todd Akin Senate campaign blasts Republican leaders for abandoning their campaign, but supporting ” pro-choice Republicans in Massachusetts and Maine.
The appeal, signed by Akin’s his son, Campaign Manager Perry akin, went out via e-mail late Monday.

The letter cites a poll showing Akin leading Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill by five points.

“Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, pro-choice Republican Scott Brown is down to liberal Elizabeth Warren in the latest polls, and has been losing ground in recent days. But that’s where the DC Party Bosses continue to devote YOUR money.

They spend heavily on pro-choice candidates in Massachusettes and Maine, while vowing publicly to not help Todd – who, it bears repeating, is leading in the polls.

Is that the Republican Party you signed up for?”, Akin writes in the e-mail.

Republican campaigns withdrew financial support for Akin last month.
He created headlines by claiming women were able to biologically prevent getting pregnant from “legitimate rape”.

He has since apologized for the remark.

He often starts his campaign stump speech now by admitting he ” stuck my foot in my mouth.”

The appeal is part of the latest Akin effort to raise another $125,000 for the campaign by Monday night.

There is no word on if the campaign reached it’s goal.