McCaskill Pokes Fun at–McCaskill
May 28, 2013

Mo. Sen. Claire McCaskill in Kansas City Tuesday.
Missouri’s outspoken Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill poked a little fun at herself at a Kansas City news conference, Tuesday.
McCaskill was in the midst of blasting the Republican Missouri legislature for not expanding Medicaid. It was Missouri Democratic Governor Jay Nixon’s top priority for the session. It went down in flames.
Star political columnist Steve Kraske asked her if the Democratic Obama administration inadvertently helped Missouri Republicans kill Nixon’s Medicaid expansion.
Three weeks before the end of the session this month, the Obama Administration announced it would continue payments for another year to hospitals that served a very large number of Medicaid patients. Many of those hospitals are in the inner city or rural Missouri.
When Kraske asked if the timing on the Obama decision hurt Nixon’s slim chances to expand Medicaid during the session, McCaskill replied, I’m not going to get into the middle of that” When urged on by another reporter to take a shot at it.
McCaskill backed off, again.
“No, No, No”, she said, “ you must have me confused with Claire McCaskill!” She laughed and ended the news conference.