Kansas Panel Considers Expanding Medicaid
January 26, 2015

(AP) – A Kansas House committee is working on a proposal to expand the state’s Medicaid program to capture additional federal dollars promised by the federal health care overhaul.

The Vision 2020 Committee heard testimony Monday in favor of expanding Medicaid from the Kansas Hospital Association and the state’s largest health system, Via Christi.

Committee Chairman and Lawrence Republican Tom Sloan said a bill should be drafted within a few weeks.

The state’s $3 billion-a-year Medicaid program provides health coverage for the needy and disabled, but it doesn’t cover childless adults without disabilities.

The 2010 federal health care law promises to pay all of the cost of expanding Medicaid through 2016 and at least 90 percent after that. But many Kansas Republicans remain skeptical the federal government will keep its promises

New Push for Medicaid Expansion in Kansas
March 12, 2013

(AP) – A new coalition is launching a campaign to get Kansas to expand its Medicaid program as encouraged by the federal government’s overhaul of health care.

The Kansas Medicaid Access Coalition planned a Tuesday morning news conference. The coalition includes more than 30 groups representing consumers, health care providers and religious organizations.

Medicaid provides health coverage for the needy and disabled. The 2010 federal health care law encourages states to expand their programs by promising to pay almost all of the cost.

But many members of the Republican-dominated Legislature opposed the federal overhaul championed by President Barack Obama, a Democrat. GOP legislative leaders are skeptical the federal government will keep its funding promises.

A resolution declaring the Legislature’s opposition to expanding Medicaid is pending in the House.