Flash! Brandon Ellington Elected to Missouri House
November 8, 2011

(photo: KC Community News)

East side Kansas City voters have elected Brandon Ellington to the Missouri House from the 41st district. Ellington cruised to an easy victory in a special election Tuesday because he was unopposed.

Ellington fills the vacancy in the Mo-41 that was created when former State Rep. ‘Kiki’ Curls was elected to the State Senate. The district remains in Democratic hands. Democrats in the Missouri House remain, however,in the minority.

Ellington lost a race earlier this year for the Kansas City  Council. He was defeated by incumbent Melba Curls.

Election Day 2011: Dems Hope to Hold Two KC Seats in Missouri House
November 8, 2011

Missouri Democrats are hoping to keep two seats in the state legislature from Kansas City that are up in special elections on Tuesday.

One is the Mo-39th District. It became open when former State Rep. Jean Peters Baker was appointed as the new Jackson County Prosecutor.

Former AFT teachers Union President Judy Morgan is the Democrat in the race.

She is opposed by Republican Jamie Barker Landes. She is a real estate attorney.

Both woman says they would go to the legislature and push for more jobs and education programs for the state.

The Mo-39th is a district in mid-town Kansas City. It is, by tradition, a heavily Democratic district.

The other race will be much easier for area Democrats, becuase their candidate is unopposed.

Brandon Ellington is standing for election to the legislature from the Mo-41. Its former state represenative “Kiki” Curls was elected to the State Senate recently.

Ellington has had a rising profile in the East Side district. he ran, and lost a City Council race earlier this year, against incumbent Melba Curls.

Heavies Endorse Rowland for Mayor
February 4, 2011

The Heavy Constructors Association of Kansas City,  and their affiliates (Minority Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City Hispanic Association Contractors and Women Construction Owners and Executives), are endorsing Jackson County Sports Authority Director Jim Rowland for Mayor.

Rowland made that announcement at a Mayor’s Forum hosted by the Kansas City Bar Association this afternoon.

The Heavies endorsement could help Rowland’s campaign with money and support down the final two-and-a-half-weeks of the primary campaign. The election is February 22.

The Heavies also made endorsements in some City Council races.

Scott Wagner – 1st District-at-Large

Ed Ford – 2nd District-at-Large

Michael Fletcher – 3rd District

Melba Curls – 3rd District-at-Large

Jan Marcason – 4th District

Jim Glover and Annie Presley – 4th District-at-Large: (HCA-only Endorsements)

John Crawford, 4th At Large (Minority and Women’s Coalition endorsement only).

Michael Brooks – 5th District

Michael Brown and Scott Taylor – 6th District at large

John Sharp, 6th District