TKC: Cleaver Says Brooks Sexting “Dumb”, “Stupid”,
August 21, 2013

The website ‘Tony’s Kansas City’ (TKC) reports Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver is calling City Councilman Michael Brooks’ Sexting scandal “stupid”.
“I think Michael Brooks would be the first person to acknowledge that what he did was . . . Stupid. I think he would say it”, according to TKC’s transcript of an interview.
TKC has posted a link to the website where the interview is posted.
Cleaver, however, does not call on Brooks to resign from the City Council.
Cleaver says Brooks can continue to stay on the City Council as long as his problems don’t affect his ability to work at City Hall.
TKC quotes Cleaver saying, “I’d say 90% of the whole thing is something that impacts his family and the Zion Grove Missionary Baptist Church and not necessarily the community. Unless there’s something we don’t know about, something that comes up at a later time. I think he’s a good man, he did something dumb.”

Brooks Says He Was Being Blackmailed in Sexting Scandal
August 16, 2013

Kansas City Councilman Michael Brooks said he was the victim of a blackmail attempt by a woman with who he had traded sexually suggestive photos online.

Brooks claims the blackmail is not related to the controversy over $15,000 from City Hall he obtained, but never used for the intended event.

KSHB TV reported Wednesday on the sexting scandal involving Brooks.

Thursday, Brooks answered some questions from reporters, maintaining the setting scandal and the $15,000 to try to bring boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to Kansas City are unrelated.

Mayweather never appeared in Kansas City for the event. His organization said he never agreed to do it. The $15,000 has not been recovered.

“The two had nothing to do with each other,”said Brooks according to audio from KMBZ radio, “the $15,000 had nothing to do with the blackmail”.

Brooks said the woman was demanding $60,000 for the sexually suggestive pictures.

When asked who started the online relationship,Brooks said, “it was a little bit of both”.

Brooks is married to another woman. He is the father of two children. He is also the pastor of a local church.

KSHB Reporter Ryan Kath, who broadcast the report, challenged Brooks’ Thursday claim.

“That is the first time I have heard that,” said Kath, according to radio station recording of the brief hallway meeting with reporters and Books.

“I gave you a number of weeks . Why didn’t you tell me that two months ago?”, asked Kath.

Brooks maintains Kath knew the two issues were unrelated. After Kath’s question, however, Brooks ended the brief session with reporters.

“I’m finished. I have made a statement. OK? Alright.

Brooks said he. Could not say much about the blackmail effort because he has turned the information to theFBI. he called it an “open case”.

In the KSHB report, the woman says she has taken her story to the FBI, too.

Late Wednesday night, after the televised report, Brooks issued a statement apologizing to his Council colleagues.

He wrote he was sorry for his ” horrible lack of judgment concerning my involvement with this lady. It was a terrible mistake and totally out of line”.

Extending KC Teen Curfew Sparks Talk of Race & The Plaza
April 24, 2013

The talk of expanding the Kansas City curfew for teenagers took a blunt turn at City Hall Wednesday.
A City Council Committee talked openly about racial tensions on the famed Country Club openly.
The City is considering expanding it’s late May to late September curfew for teens to a year-round policy. The measure is being sponsored by City Councilwoman Jan Marcason.
The race discussion started when Councilman Jermaine Reed noted that all 34 curfew tickets issued by Police on the Plaza from June 2012 until December 2012 were issued to black teenagers.
Mayor Sly James heard Reed’s claims. He was watching the hearing in his office.
He came down to the meeting to warn to keep the discussion in context and not just about race.
James cautioned there was a difference between just issuing citations only to black teens versus ticketing people in violation of the curfew.
Reed agreed with the Mayor’s point but added, “the data is the data”
“Race does play a factor,” countered the Mayor, but the curfew discussion “needs to be above that factor”.
City Councilman Michael Brooks said ” The Plaza hasn’t changed that much since I was a kid”..
He added some blacks do not feel welcome in the district.
An executive for the Plaza’s property management firm says safety has always been a major concern for them. Brad Drees says they take Plaza security very seriously.
The year round curfew measure is being held for at least three weeks.
Curfew sponsor Jan Marcason says she has asked for details about the Plaza from the Police Department.
She wants to know how much is spent on the current summertime curfew enforcement and how many officers and cars are involved.
Public Safety Chairman John Sharp says, by law, the committee is supposed to get that information twice a year, but he says they don’t have it.
Sharp opposes the 9pm curfew. He does not think it is practical.

KC mayor & County Prosecutor headline Crime Meeting Friday
October 21, 2011

Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will headline a late afternoon/early evening town hall meeting on crime in Kansas City.

Tony’s Kansas City reports the meeting starts at 5 Friday afternoon and runs until 7 Friday evening. It is being hosted by 5th District City Councilman, Michael Brooks.

The meeting will take place at the Robert KC Center at 3200 Wayne.

Also scheduled to appear are KCMO School Superintendent Steven Green; Pastor Ronald Lindsay, Concord Fortress of Hope Church; Ms. Margaret May, Ivanhoe Neighborhood; Ms. Becky Forest, Townfork Creek neighborhood

Heavies Endorse Rowland for Mayor
February 4, 2011

The Heavy Constructors Association of Kansas City,  and their affiliates (Minority Contractors Association of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City Hispanic Association Contractors and Women Construction Owners and Executives), are endorsing Jackson County Sports Authority Director Jim Rowland for Mayor.

Rowland made that announcement at a Mayor’s Forum hosted by the Kansas City Bar Association this afternoon.

The Heavies endorsement could help Rowland’s campaign with money and support down the final two-and-a-half-weeks of the primary campaign. The election is February 22.

The Heavies also made endorsements in some City Council races.

Scott Wagner – 1st District-at-Large

Ed Ford – 2nd District-at-Large

Michael Fletcher – 3rd District

Melba Curls – 3rd District-at-Large

Jan Marcason – 4th District

Jim Glover and Annie Presley – 4th District-at-Large: (HCA-only Endorsements)

John Crawford, 4th At Large (Minority and Women’s Coalition endorsement only).

Michael Brooks – 5th District

Michael Brown and Scott Taylor – 6th District at large

John Sharp, 6th District