Pompeo Hints at Primary Challenge to Moran
April 6, 2016

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) declined to say Wednesday morning whether he has ruled out mounting a primary challenge against Republican Sen. Jerry Moran, adding that he would make his decision in a matter of days.
The Kansas Republican, speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, played coy when asked whether he planned to run against Moran, after the Kansas senator reversed his position late last week on whether Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland should receive a hearing and a vote. While he had previously been quoted as telling constituents that the “process should go forward” and that he has a “job to do,” Moran reversed that position late last week.
“Hugh, you’ve known me long enough to know I’m going to always try to find the right place to serve Kansas and America,” Pompeo said. “We’re trying to figure out exactly where that is. And in the next days or maybe a week or so, we’ll figure that out. You’ll be right among the first to know.”
Hewitt responded, “So that’s still an open possibility?”
“Hugh, it’s a great day in Kansas,” Pompeo responded.

Kansas Leaders Send Obama Gitmo Letter
December 14, 2015

AP) – Kansas officials have sent President Barack Obama a letter protesting the possible move of detainees from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the military prison at Fort Leavenworth.

The letter Monday said moving terrorism suspects to northeast Kansas would jeopardize families, schools and local businesses. All six members of the state’s congressional delegation signed the letter, as did Gov. Sam Brownback, legislators and local officials.

The letter followed a town hall meeting Friday in Leavenworth sponsored by U.S. Reps. Lynn Jenkins and Mike Pompeo. Their signatures appeared first, along with Leavenworth Mayor Lisa Weakley’s.

Closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center has been a priority for Obama but continues to inspire congressional opposition. The Defense Department earlier this year surveyed seven potential sites for housing detainees in Kansas, Colorado and South Carolina.

Pompeii Fires Back at Clinton and Her ” Home Brew” Server for Benghazi Delays
October 5, 2015

Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, a member of the House committee investigating the fatal attacks in Benghazi, is denying Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s charge the committee is “making a partisan political issue” of the deaths of four Americans.
Clilnton laid out the charge in the televison interview today and then at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.
Pompeo says the committee “has never been about politics”.
Last week, the man who may be the next House speaker, Kevin McCarthy credited the creation of the Benghazi panel by the House Republican majoirty with bringing down Clinton’s presidential poll numbers.
Pompeo denied the politics charge.
“Our work has been about transparency,” Pompeo said in a statement Monday afternoon.
He added former Secretary of State clinton complains about the length of the investigation.
Pompeo says “it is her own home-brew server and failure to turn over critical evidence that are among the prime reasons for the delay

AFP To Buy Time for Wichita Incumbent
July 15, 2014

(AP) – A conservative group with ties to billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch is spending big money to thank U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo for his work in Congress amid a bitter race for his seat.

Americans for Prosperity says it’s spending $409,225 for radio and television ads that begin Tuesday and run until the day before the Aug. 5th Republican primary.

AFP state director Jeff Glendening says the group likes to show its appreciation to those who share its values. He cites Pompeo’s efforts to eliminate the wind production tax credit and control spending, as well as his opposition to earmarks.

Former Congressman Todd Tiahrt is challenging Pompeo in the 4th District. Tiahrt has criticized Pompeo for pursuing special interest agendas that have hurt the local economy.

Wichita Congressman Gets Benghazi Assignment
May 9, 2014

Wichita Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo’s office says he’d been named to be one of the seven Republicans to serve on the House committee investigating the Benghazi attacks.
“We must get the facts about how State Department security failed the four Americans killed that day, the actions of key decision-makers as events unfolded on the ground that night, and the Administration’s response in explaining who was responsible in the weeks and months that followed. Keeping the American people in the dark is not only wrong; it is odds with our Constitution,” Pompeo said in a Friday statement