Wolf Confronts Moran at Town Hall
August 10, 2015

AP) – Former tea party-backed candidate Dr. Milton Wolf has confronted Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran at a town hall meeting over the state medical board’s past investigation of Wolf’s license as Wolf was running for office.

Wolf declined to say Monday whether he plans to run in next year’s Republican primary against Moran. Wolf is a Leawood radiologist and gave Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts a tougher-than-expected challenge in last year’s GOP primary.

Wolf asked Moran at a town hall in Wamego what Moran knew about the medical board’s investigation of Wolf over his postings on Facebook in 2010 of X-ray images of fatal gunshot wounds. Moran said he didn’t know anything until he saw news reports last year.

Wolf said last week that the board closed its investigation without finding wrongdoing.

TPX Flips. Stiffs Roberts in Primary Now Backs Him in the Fall
October 13, 2014

Kansas Senator Pat Roberts picked up the endorsement Monday of the group that endorsed his primary opponent.
The Tea Party Express (TPX), a political action committee from California, endorsed Roberts’ re-election bid in Wichita.
In the spring, the Tea Party Express endorsed Robert’s primary opponent, Dr. Milton Wolf.
At the time the group said it supported Wolf because “ unlike the career politicians that have burdened future generations under crippling debt, Milton Wolf is a conservative game changer”.”

Monday, the Wiichita Eagle quoted TPX Director Taylor Budowich said “We supported Milton Wolf in the primary, unfortunately we were unsuccessful. Our goal is to take back the Senate (for the Republican Party).”

Politico: Orman-Wolf Meeting Off, No Endorsement
September 26, 2014


A meeting between former tea party Senate hopeful Milton Wolf and independent candidate Greg Orman was scrapped Friday after news that the two planned to discuss a possible endorsement in the Kansas Senate race.
A person with knowledge of Wolf’s thinking said he has decided not to throw his support behind Orman.
The comment came after POLITICO reported late Thursday that Wolf and Orman planned to meet Friday at Orman’s home outside of Kansas City to discuss his race against GOP Sen. Pat Roberts. A person with knowledge of the situation said at the time that Wolf would only endorse Orman if the independent would publicly agree to caucus with the GOP.
After the story was published, two sources with knowledge of the session said the meeting would not occur and no endorsement was forthcoming.
“Dr. Wolf is not meeting with Greg Orman and there is no consideration of a Wolf endorsement for Orman,” one source said.
An Orman spokesman declined to comment beyond a statement Thursday saying the candidate regularly meets with people from across the ideological spectrum.
Wolf, who lost to Roberts in a bitter August primary, has so far declined to back the senior senator in the race. The GOP is aggressively trying to close ranks behind Roberts, so Wolf would have undoubtedly faced blowback had he given Orman his nod.
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/greg-orman-milton-wolf-meeting-111361.html#ixzz3EStnkbpw

Roberts Survives a Lousy Campaign
August 5, 2014

Pat Roberts has been walking up to a set of election night microphones and claiming victories for 34 years.
With the exception of that first election to the House back in 1980, he’s never been as relieved as he was last night to get another under his belt.
Roberts stumbled into a fourth nomination as a Senator from Kansas—and probably a fourth term in office.
It was not a pretty campaign.
Roberts conceded he didn’t help himself.
He was a candidate “who stepped on his own message”, by his own admission last night.
Roberts got lucky that his bone-headed remark about always coming back to Kansas when he had an opponent—uh an election.
He said it in a radio interview on the morning before the 4th of July. It got buried.
But it was more than that.
Roberts didn’t take any 2014 challenge seriously until a story appeared in the new York times on his residency. The story talked of Roberts “renting” sleeping space with supporters in Dodge City.
The campaign briefly came alive after Tim Carpenter at the Topeka Capital journal broke the story about Milton Wolf’s flip remarks on Facebook about the x-rays of gunshot victims.
Wolf, by the way, knew that story was out there, and got into the race anyway.
Roberts seemed to be testy, overly cautious and wary about making campaign mistakes.
And repetitive.
That was it.
After the radio remark about only coming home when he had opponents, Roberts did not seem to engage with news reporters.
It was not a happy campaign for Pat Roberts.
But he won…and in politics anymore that the only thing that seems to matter.

Video: Wolf Confronts Roberts in Emporia Over Debates
July 30, 2014

Video from Emporia Gazette