KC Schools Get Provisional Accreditation Restored
August 6, 2014

The Missouri Board of Education removed the Kansas City Schools from the unaccredited list Wednesday.
The board, I’m a unanimous vote, gave the district provisonal accredit ion.
Officials at the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education ( DESE) said Kansas City had made enough improvement to regain provisional accreditation, but more work needs to be done.
Officials note some improvement in area like English Language Arts, Math and Science over the last two years.
But DESE also told the Bjard they were hoping for
More “student achievement t progress”.
Board President Peter Herschend warned Kansas City still had lots of progress to make, especially over the Cong school year.
Herschend warned without that progress the district’s accreditation could be in jeopardy once again
The news comes as the Kansas City district prepares to start the 2014-15 school in in a few days.

State Boards Tell KC Schools to Wait for Accreditation
July 22, 2014

The Kansas City school system did not get its wish today.
The Missouri Board of Educations did not grant the district provisional accreditation.
The Kansas City district asked the Missouri Board to immediately grant them provisional accreditation. The district says its made improvements in its academic performance.
The state board, however, doesn’t see it that way.
“There is not sufficient data available yet for KCPS to verify that they have earned provisional accreditation,” according to a statement from DESE Tuesday afternoon.
The latest round of state test scores should be available in late August.
The unaccredited district expected to get its provisional accreditation restored at that time.
Kansas City thought it had improved enough in 2013 to regain accreditation.
Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicasto said the state was looking for a sustained trend of improvement , rather than just a good score on one round of tests.
The district says it has been make steady improvement now for three years.
Superintendent Steven Green says the district wanted to get the accreditation settled before the school year started.
He said that would prevent students who can transfer out of the district because of the lack of accreditation, having g to rejoin the school ( or provisional accreditation) is restored.

KC School Asking Missouri Board to Restore Provisional Accreditation Now
July 22, 2014

KC Star:
Kansas City Public Schools wants the state of Missouri to grant the district provisional accreditation now — on a temporary basis — rather than wait on a process for reaccreditation that will probably play out this fall.

The Missouri State Board of Education has added the district’s request to its agenda for its meeting Tuesday in Jefferson City.

Superintendent Steve Green said the district is making its request now because as many as 18 students are lining up to transfer out of the unaccredited district under a state law that allows students to transfer to nearby accredited districts with tuition paid by the unaccredited district.

Under the law, those students probably would have to return after one year because Kansas City continues to be confident it will earn provisional accreditation from the state board this fall and end the district’s exposure to the transfer law.

“The timing on how this unfolds is our concern,” Green said.

Green said he thinks there is plenty of data in the state’s hands now that shows that Kansas City’s next state report card will score at least in the provisional range for the second year in a row and probably even in the fully accredited range, he said.

But those scores, compiled in annual performance reports, won’t be made public until Aug. 29, three weeks into the new school year.

Missouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro has said that she would recommend the Kansas City district for provisional status if it were to repeat last year’s performance, but such a recommendation probably would not be presented to the state board until October.

“We want to avoid having families go and then having to come back,” Green said.

A spokeswoman for the state said the board’s discussion of Kansas City’s request probably will occur in closed session because Kansas City has a pending lawsuit that seeks provisional status.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/government-politics/article778152.html#storylink=cpy

Missouri BOE Approves UMKC’s End of Sponsorship at Troubled KC Charter School
February 11, 2014

The Missouri Board of Education has approved UMKC’s request to drop its sponsorship of the troubled Hope Academy charter school.
UMKC told Hope Academy in December it wanted to end it’s association.
A statement by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education( DESE) quotes a top state education official.
“We share UMKC’s concerns about persistently low MAP scores from Hope Academy,” said Margie Vandeven, Deputy Commissioner of Learning Services.
DESE has labeled Hope Academy as a problem school.
On recent state tests, 90% of the Academy’s students were not scoring in the proficient range in math.
4 out of 5 students were not proficient in English language skills.
DESE discovered other irregularities at Hope Academy during a surprise inspection last fall.
The school is now being audited by the State Auditor’s Office.

KC School Patents Launch Petition Drive to Halt CEE-Trust Plan
December 19, 2013

A group of Kansas City public school parents and other local reformers want the state Board of Education to block a controversial consulting contract aimed at the local school system.
The group says the plan to hire the Cities for Educational Entrepreneurship (CEE-Trust) to develop a reform plan for the Kansas City schools should be stopped.
They are launching a petition drive they say they will present to the state’s Board of Education.
Their claim is based on a set of e-mails (see previous posts).
Those e-mails show the process of how the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ( DESE) and Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro arranged for two Kansas City Foundations, the Ewing Kaffman Foundation and the Hall Family Foundation, to pay almost $400,000 for CEE-Trust To evaluate the unaccredited district.
“I worry the the study could turn into the plan,” said Jennifer Wolfsie of the parents advisory panel for the district.
The CEE- Trust plan is expected to come up at the next state Board of Education meeting in January.
Wolfsie was asked if she thought Nicastro wanted to break up the school district.
She said the petition, calling for a halt to the reform study, is their main goal.