Lee’s Summit DMV Operator Says Bidding Process is Flawed
February 23, 2015

The operator of the Lee’s Summit drivers license bureau is suing the state of Missouri over what he says is an “unlawful” method of handing out license bureau contracts.

Ryan Williams believes the rules cost him the Lee’s Summit bureau business which he had had since 2009.

Williams’ firm Lee’s Summit License LLC, lost the bid to License Office Services. Williams firm submitted a bid protest in May 2014 but that was rejected.
He maintains the request for proposal (RFP) and the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) process is flawed.

In addition, Williams says the state evaluators didn’t looks closely enough at his competitors bid.

As an example, Williams says License Office Services, the winning bidder, said it would keep the current manager, staff and building.
Williams says the manager and staff have no compete deals with him and the building is leased to him, not the state.
He says the state did not examine the License Office Service contract close enough.

The Lee’s Summit operators says another provision of the new contract is also unfair.

It is called, “Return to State”‘, where the operators return a percentage of the money to the state of Missouri. It is optional, businesses are not required to do so..
Williams’ lawsuit, however, says bidders that do not include a plan to return some money to the state are penalized in the bid process.

A Department of Revenue (DOR) Spokeswoman said DOR would have no comment since the matter is before the courts.