Trump Leads in New Mo Scout Poll
December 21, 2015

A new poll shows Republican front runner Donald Trump is also leading in Missouri.

The survey, in the political newsletter, the Missouri Scout, gives Trump a 10 point lead over his closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The poll gives Trump a 33-23 edge over Cruz.

A report in the Kansas City Star points out that Trump not only leads statewide in the survey, but in each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts

That is key because Missouri divides up its convention delegates along Congressional District lines.

The Star reports that Trump leads crus by just one point in the 7th Congressional District in southwestern Missouri.

Crus trails Trump by four points in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District.

Cruz’, campaign manager is Jeff Rose of Kansas City.

Roe is also a close political advisor to Missouri 6th District Congressman Sam Graves.

It is likely those close-home ties will have Roe pushing for a strong Missouri effort by Cruz during the March 15, 2016 Missouri primary.

Poll- Missouri Democrats Not Settled on A Presidential Nominee
September 21, 2015

Missouri’s Democratic primary voters have not settled in on a candidate for president, according to a new poll of likely Democratic voters in the 2016 Missouri primary.
The survey, conducted by the Republican-leaning Remington Research group for the political website Missouri Scout, shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic field.
The survey, however, indicates Clinton has not locked up the Show-Me state.
If the March, 2016 primary were held today, according to the poll::
Hillary Clinton: 36%
Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 18%
Undecided 25%

Remington says it polled 1,589 likely Democratic primary voters on September 18-19. It has a margin of error of 2.4%
Clinton’s highest numbers come from the Cape Girardeau and St. Louis areas,; 37%.
She has 36% of the Kansas City market vote.
St. Louis and Kansas City make up well over half of the state’s Democratic vote.
Vice President Joe Biden performs best in the Hannibal area of northeast Missouri; 32%
Senator Sander’s stronghold is the University town of Columbia, 24%

In other Missouri primary races:>
Lt. Governor:
Russ Carnahan 48%
Brad Brahshaw 11%
Tommie Pierson 7%
Undecided 37%

Attorney General:
Teresa Hensley: 27%
Jake Zimmerman 23%
Undecided 51%

Judy Baker 28%
Pat Contreras 15%
Undecided 58%

Jackson County GOP Lawmaker Grisamore Undecided on Tax Cut Veto Vote
August 2, 2013

From Missouri Scout via

“Rep. Jeff Grisamore says that he’s officially undecided on how he will vote on the HB 253 (tax cut) override. But that he’s “leaning against the override.” Although he supports tax cuts as a way to compete with the Kansas border, he has “grave concerns” about the potential negative impact the bill might have on what he considers his top priority – taking care of Missouri’s most vulnerable citizens.”

“While Grisamore’s concerns are good news for Governor Jay Nixon’s effort to sustain his veto, he’s hardly in the tank for the governor. He said that he found it “disgusting” that the second floor was using people with disabilities as “human shields” in this battle over HB 253, and he looked forward to direct talks with the governor’s office as he determined how he would vote in September.”

“Grisamore missed the final House vote on HB 253 because he was one the Senate side of the building.”

Jonas Hughes Stripped of Committee Assignments, Attendance Problem Returns
January 16, 2012

Via johncombest:
The Missouri Scout reports Kansas City State Representative, Democrat Leonard “Jonas” Hughes, IV, has been stripped of all of his committee assignments because he doesn’t show up for work.
The Scout says House Minority leader Kansas Citan Mike Tallboy removed Hughes from all of his committee because of poor attendance.
The brief Missouri Scout report says Hughes missed the entire special session last fall. That session lasted for several weeks.
The report adds, ”even his legislative assistant was unable to locate him at times”.
Hughes didn’t show at the Capitol for long periods of time last year, either.
At the time, he told the Pitch newspaper he was battling the disease lupus.

Missouri Scout Says Former Columbia State Senator Aiming for Mid-MO House Seat
December 29, 2011

cbabi_drebes_normal.jpgdave drebes (@missouriscout)
12/29/11 9:51 AM
Former state senator Ken Jacob to run in House 44.…