Akin Does St. Louis TV Interview This Week
April 23, 2013



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KSDK TV in St. Louis has nabbed a Spring sweeps piece with former Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. It is believed to be Akin’s first interview since his defeat last November to Democrat Claire McCaskill.
The interview will be broadcast Thursday night on KSDK’s 10pm newscast.
According to St. Louis’ Riverfront Times’, a promotional tease of the report has Akin saying, “”I believe the party will either stand on principled positions, or it’s going to be replaced by some other party.”

Akin Staff Got Big Raises in Losing Campaign
April 1, 2013

Former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin roughly doubled his office payroll after losing a campaign for U.S. Senate.
Salary figures available through the online tracking site Legistorm.com show Akin paid his 14-person staff nearly $400,000 in the final quarter of 2012. That’s twice as much as the $200,000 quarterly payroll that Akin averaged through the rest of the year.
Former Akin communications director Steve Taylor said Monday that the bonus essentially was a separation package for staffers who lost their jobs because of the Republican congressman’s defeat by Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.
Taylor said Akin’s staff had a rough final few months. He said staffers were inundated with hateful messages by people upset by Akin’s remark that women’s bodies had ways of avoiding pregnancy in what Akin described as “legitimate rape.”

McCaskill Writing a Book on 2012 Race with Akin
March 21, 2013



Sen. Claire McCaskill is penning a book about her successful reelection campaign against Rep. Todd Akin, she said Wednesday on a local radio show.
“I’m going to tell the whole story,” the Missouri Democrat said on the “Allman In The Morning Show” on St. Louis’ KFTK. “People are telling me not to do it, but it was just so interesting and I think people need to understand that some of the extreme elements in this country, on both ends of the spectrum, are not politically viable if you do it right.”
She didn’t give many details about her new tome. McCaskill’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for more details about the book.
McCaskill, who defeated Akin after the latter’s comments about “legitimate rape” and abortion caused a national firestorm, said the experiences show candidates like Akin can’t win in a general election.
“You wouldn’t believe some of the other things that he had said that we had in the can,” she said. “He had said a number of things that disqualified him with independent voters in Missouri. Now, obviously, when he said that, it made it much easier for all the other things he said to be believable.”
She also admitted she feared one potential GOP candidate, businessman John Brunner. McCaskill’s campaign spent money during the primary process to boost Akin’s run.
“The only thing that was scary about John Brunner was that he had an unlimited checkbook,” she said. “And that’s always a little scary.”

McCaskill’s Campaign 2012: Mission Accomplished
January 3, 2013

Mccaskill swornMissouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, once viewed as the most vulnerable Democrat in the 2012 campaign cycle, was sworn in for his second term Thursday.
Her office says Missouri colleague, Sen. Roy Blunt and former Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan escorted her in the Senate Chamber for the oath, administered by Vice President Joe Biden.
McCaskill’s husband held a bible as the Vice President administered the oath of office.
Conservatives and Republicans targeted McCaskill as a likely take-over opportunity when the campaign season began.
They viewed her support for President Obama as political kryptonite in a Republican-leaning state
As late as August, polls showed her 10 points behind the just-nominated GOP challenger, Rep. Todd Akin.
Akin’s campaign imploded after his remarks that it was biologically possible for a woman to avoid getting pregnant during a “legitimate rape”.
McCaskill ended up trouncing Akin by double-digits.
In a statement to start her second senate term, McCaskill promised, “to create more jobs, and continue my dogged effort to bring down the national debt. And any politician or contractor tempted to waste taxpayer dollars for their own benefit should be on notice—if I have it my way, these next six years will see a new level of accountability in government.”

Akin Landslide Winner of P-D’s EPPY (Editorial Person of the Year)
December 31, 2012

Akin at fairPost Dispatch (via Johncombest)
This year there was no contest for the winner of the coveted EPPY Award for Editorial Page Person of the Year, bestowed annually since today on the individual who, for better or worse, provided the most grist for our mill.
The nominees were considered in alphabetical order, and voters didn’t get past the first name on the list: Akin, William Todd.
The second name on the list was Archibald, Robert M., and while there was some sentiment for the now-former president of the Missouri History Museum, Mr. Akin was a landslide winner. A legitimate winner, you might say.
And why not? His spectacular immolation of his U.S. Senate candidacy on the Aug. 19 edition of “The Jaco Report” on KTVI-Channel 2 made national headlines for weeks. Asked by reporter Charles Jaco whether abortion should be legal in case of rape, the six-term Republican congressman from Wildwood said, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”
This also wins our “Quote of the Year” award.
In short order, Mr. Akin went from being the favorite in his race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill to being a pariah in his own party. He refused to abandon his race and allow the state party to choose a replacement candidate. His funding mostly dried up, and Ms. McCaskill trounced him by more than 15 points, winning even in some of the state’s reddest counties.
More: http://www.stltoday.com/news/opinion/columns/the-platform/editorial-the-mummy-the-heat-no-the-eppy-goes-to/article_8a2e338d-fa1f-582f-9eb9-fd09a1eae9fb.html