McCaskill Campaign Pushes Back on Contraception Controversy With Radio Spots
February 18, 2012


Sen. Claire McCaskill has been pummeled on the airwaves by American Crossroads, the U.S. Chamber, the Missouri Republican Party and two of her GOP challengers.
And she’s not going to take it anymore.
Her campaign is up with a pair of radio spots that match the most recent buys by Crossroads and the state GOP on the issue of the contraception mandate.
Key lines from the contraception-centered spot notes the abortion-rights supporter McCaskill “fighting to prevent abortion” and standing up to President Obama:
Female Narrator: Claire McCaskill is fighting to prevent abortion – she wants ALL women to have access to affordable birth control. No government can tell a woman whether she can use birth control.
Male Narrator: And this isn’t about religion: our churches remain free to worship in any way they choose.
Female Narrator: No church or hospital will be forced to pay for anything that violates their beliefs. Claire will fight anyone – including the President – to protect our religious freedom.


Steelman’s “60 Day Solution” to Washington’s Problems
February 17, 2012

Missouri Republican senate candidate Sarah Steelman says there are ways to make big cuts in federal spending. She claims some of it can be done in two months.
Steelman has a Kansas City news conference Friday afternoon to explain the plan. Her campaign calls it “Sarah’s Show-Me Solutions for the First 60 Days”.
Steelman’s campaign says she has a specific list to save more than $97 billion dollars in Washington spending. Much of the savings comes from repealing the Affordable health Care Act. Steelman calls it “Obamacare”. She says that would save $95 billion dollars.
the non-partisan organization, ‘PolitiFact’, however, says that’s a false claim by Steelman and other Republicans, such as presidential candidiate Mitt Romney.
‘PolitiFact says the $95 billion number is arrived at from a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis that did not factor other elements, including revenue increases included in the bill, into the equation. “PolicFact says another CBO report shows the deficit would rise by repealing the health care law.
In a news release Steelman says the only part of the Kansas City economy that is growing seems to be the federal payroll.
“With resources such as the Missouri River, the second longest beltway in the country, and a reputation as one of America’s largest logistical hubs should be thriving. Instead we have the Federal government as the single largest employer in the area. This is just plain wrong,” she says in the news release.
With the beginning of the Missouri Republican Party’s ‘Lincoln Days’ gathering Kansas City this weekend, Steelman appears to be intensifying her campaign.
In addition to the 60-day plan she’s rolling out at an afternoon news conference, Steelman’s first campaign commercial of the cycle starts a limited run on the Fox news channel on cable companies in some parts of Missouri.
Steeman is one of three Republicans running for the Republican US Senate nomnination. The others are Rep. Todd Akin and St. Louis businessman John Brunner. The winner of the August primary will likely face Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

2 of 3 GOP Senate Candidates Meet Monday Night for Debate #2
January 30, 2012

The second debate by part of the GOP Missouri US Senate field takes place in Branson Monday night.
Rep. Todd Akin and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman will take part in in a 7pm “debate” and “home town” discussion. The appearance is being produced by Earls Family Broadcasting in Branson. It will be broadcast on 100.1 FM KOMC, and will stream live on the station’s website, according to a news release.
The third candidate, St. Louis businessman John Brunner decided not to participate.
All three, however, are scheduled to take part in a “Town Hall” joint appearance during the Missouri Republican Party’s Lincoln Days gathering in Kansas City in mid-February.
The winner of the Republican primary in August will face Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill in November. She is seeking her second term to the US Senate.

3P Missouri Poll: Steelman Leading, Kinder in Trouble
September 20, 2011

Public Policy Polling’s survey of Missouri Republicans is not good news for Republican Lt Governor Peter’s campaign to oust Democratic Governor Jay Nixon on 2012.
According the the poll, only 25% of Republicans prefer Kinder. The poll’s generic ‘someone else’ draws 35%.
43% of the Missouri Republicans have no opinion. Kinder does top his unknown rival, Bill Randles 34-14. The rest of the survey in that head-to-head contest, 53%, are undecided.
In the poll summary, the author writes,
“With these sorts of numbers I’d expect that if Kinder ends up drawing even a half serious primary challenge- I’m not sure Randles meets that standard- he will end up losing”
Kinder trying continue the mantle of the inevitable nominee. Tuesday in Springfield, he hosted a fundraiser starring Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.
3P’s poll also shows Sarah Steelman leading the GOP US Sebate primary over Rep. Todd Akin 40-29%. Another potential candidate, St. Louis businessman John Brunner drew 6% of the Republican support.
3P notes Steelman’s support has jumped up.
“It may have been good news for her that Ed Martin decided to run for the House instead of the Senate- he had been polling at 9% and likely taking away a chunk of her Tea Party support. With him out of the picture she’s in much better shape.”

Akin Under Fire for Residency Questions
June 2, 2011

The new US Senate campaign of Republican Todd Akin is hitting a bump in the road. Where doe he live? Where does he vote?

St. Louis Beacon has some of the details:

A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Todd Akin, R-Wildwood, has offered further details about the congressman’s move from his longtime homestead in Town and Country, in the wake of Democratic calls for an investigation into whether Akin illegally voted in Town and Country while actually residing in Wildwood.

State Rep. Stacey Newman, D-Richmond Heights, said she’s “strongly considering” whether to request St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch to look into the matter.

“What the congressman has done is broken the law,” Newman said. The state Democratic Party also has called on Akin to “be honest and transparent about when he moved.”

Akin spokesman Steve Taylor contended that no laws have been broken and asserted that the controversy, first reported by the Post-Dispatch, has been “manufactured.” Akin is an announced candidate for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Democrat Claire McCaskill.

“There’s no problem here,” Taylor said. “Given that there is no violation of the law, the inordinate attention is unwarranted and aggravating.”

Taylor maintained that the congressman and his wife long have split their time between both residences, as they spent several years renovating the house in Wildwood. Some of the materials, including cabinets and windows, came from the Town and Country home, where Akin’s family resided for decades.

The Wildwood home was purchased in late 2007, but Taylor said it was much later before the Akins began living there on a part-time basis.

“They’ve been transitioning for some time,” said Taylor. “If I had to pick him up for a Saturday interview, I’d ask, ‘Where am I picking you up?’ ”

Taylor said the utilities are still on in both houses, and mail is delivered to both addresses. Some furniture also remains at the Town and Country home.