Crystal Williams Thinks About State Senate Move
February 26, 2012

From Tony’s Kansas City, on Jackson County Legislator Crystal Williams’ Facebook page :

“Yes, the rumors are true, I am taking a hard look at running in our new Kansas City District 7 State Senate seat. Our beloved Jolie Justus, State Senate District 10, remains in Kansas City for the last two years of her term, but her district number will be moving to Mid-Missouri, where she will actually be representing some of my Democratic family! Filing for this seat opens this next Tuesday, and so far there are at least four men (all my friends, I might add, so welcome to the family feud) possibly running. Don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some gender diversity in Jefferson City. Maybe then, we can focus on jobs instead of the current Jefferson City obsession with women’s reproductive anatomy. Stay tuned.”

Mo. Senate Passes Measure tonPut More State Info On-Line
January 26, 2012

(AP) – The Missouri Senate has passed legislation that would increase the amount of information government bodies must put in the state’s online database.

The measure was approved Thursday and now goes to the House, which passed a similar bill earlier this week.

The Senate bill would require cities and other political subdivisions to post information about bonds on the Missouri Accountability Portal, including how they plan to pay off the bonds.

The legislation also would require the governor’s office to submit daily reports online about money being withheld from the state budget. And state departments would have to post information about federal grants they receive that are larger than $1 million.

Sponsoring Sen. Brian Munzlinger, a Republican from Williamstown, said the information will help taxpayers know how their money is spent.


Fiscal bills are SB467 and HB1140