Nolte Says Claycomo Bennies Now Exceed Expectations
February 4, 2015

Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte says the Missouri tax breaks that helped the Ford Claycomo Assembly plant have provided more benefits than he ever imagined.

Nolte was the sponsor of the bill giving Ford state tax breaks if they remodeled Claycomo and brought another line in, creating more jobs.

“We are at about three times the investment that Ford would originally make,” said Nolte Wednesday.

Ford has invested more than one billion dollars in the plant since the bill was passed in a special session in 2010.

Wednesday Ford announced the plant would add 900 more workers producing the plant’s mainstay product, the Ford F-150 pick-up truck.

After the remodeling, which includes a brand new stamping plant for the auto maker, Ford also brought into the assembly line for the cargo van called ‘The Transit’.

Nolte noted that Ford builds a bare bones version of the van at Claycomo, allowing buyers to finish it off as they wish. He says that is bringing more smaller supplier and finishing companies to the metro and Clay County.

“And hopefully it’s going to continue as we bring on suppliers and all the other add-on jobs that will be required.

Missouri governor Jay Nixon was supposed to be at one of the new supplier business in clay County on Wednesday.

The visit was postponed by a snowstorm in western Missouri.