Local Experts Doubt ISIS Claim in Texas
May 5, 2015

Two Kansas City experts on terrorism doubt the claim by the terror group ISIS was behind the attack this week in suburban Dallas, Texas.
Two attackers, Elton Walton and Nadir Soofi were killed while trying to attack an event they considered anti- Muslim.
Soofi has some ties to the Kansas City metro.
A woman in southern Overland Park said she was related to Soofi. She declined to talk.
A man idenitified by the Kansas City Star as, Azam Soofi said Nadir was ” “a great son, a caring soul, a beautiful person,”.
UMKC political science professor Rebecca Best studies terrorism.
Best doubts ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the attack.
Best thinks the first assault on US soil from ISIS will be bigger and better planned.
“They (the two attackers) were taken out pretty quickly by police.,” Best said.
“This does not sound like the product of an organization that has seen as much success on the ground as ISIS has,” she added.
Another local expert in terror groups is Leonard Zeskind.
He has studied several right wing terror organizations.
He does not think think many American Muslims fit the description of home grown Muslim terrorists.