Kobach Does Outside Legal Work in Duck Blind
June 14, 2011

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach promised not to work on outside immigration law cases during business hours.

Here’s what he told the National Journal about when, and where, he works on the outside cases:

Kobach, who worked in John Ashcroft’s Justice Department and now oversees Kansas elections and business filings, said immigration news this summer and fall will come from federal court cases involving municipalities whose restrictive immigration laws he is defending.

Last week the Supreme Court returned a case involving Hazelton, Penn., to the Third Circuit, and Kobach said he expects decisions soon in a Fifth Circuit case against Farmers Branch, Texas.

Kobach said he writes legal briefs on nights and weekends away from his day job. He drafted the Alabama law, he said, on his laptop while sitting in a turkey blind near Gardiner, Kan.

“Some politicians golf in their spare time,” he said. “I spend mine defending American sovereignty.”