Nixon Says Vetting Refugees is Feds Job
November 16, 2015

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says Washington should implement the strongest possible safeguards when screening refugees entering the United States.

Nixon noted the screening process for refugees is a function of the US State Department and the federal Department of Homeland Security, not the state of Missouri.

At least three republican gubernatorial candidates, John Brunner, Peter Kinder and Catherine Hanaway called on Nixon to join other Governors in refusing to take in any refugees from Syria.
A backlash against accepting Syrian refugees accelerated Monday. One of the Paris attackers was discovered to have entered Europe posing as a Syrian refugee.

Earlier this year, Washington agreed to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees.
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, who is also running for governor, says his office sent a letter to Nixon.
“ I urge you to refuse to accept any of Syrian refugees being located to Missouri until the federal government ensures a proper vetting procedure is in place,” Kinder wrote.

Catherine Hanaway asked Nixon to suspend accepting any Syrian refugees “until further security measure are put into place to understand who and where these refugees are coming from,”.

Another St. Louisan, John Brunner said “I call on Governor Nixon to reject President Obama’s plan to relocate Syrian refugees to Missouri”.

Earlier this year the international Institute of St. Louis indicated it would accept refugees from Syria.

It is unlikely any refugees are sent to Kansas City.

Hillary Cohen Singer of the refugee service of the Jewish Vocational Services group says refugees are usually sent to an area where a community is already established.

Cohen Singer says there are few Syrians in the Kansas City metro.

Peter Kinder 2016?
July 10, 2015

Missouri’s Lt. Governor peter Kinder says he’ll reveal his political plans for 2016 this weekend.
Kinder has scheduled a news conference in suburban St. Louis late sunday afternoon.
Kinder was considered a likely candidate for Governor in 2012 but backed away from the campaign after a series of embarassing photos were published..
Jay Nixon won re-election in a landslide.
Instead he won a rare 3rd term as Missouri’s Lt. Governor.

Nasheed Steps Down from Mo. Black Caucus Chair, KC’s Ellington May Replace Her
January 10, 2014

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Democratic chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus, Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, of St. Louis, said
Friday she decided to step down because of tension in the group about her appearance with the state’s Republican lieutenant governor.

The caucus’s vice-chairman, Rep. Brandon Ellington, D-Kansas City, will take over her duties until the 16-member group elects a successor, Nasheed said.

Ellington declined to comment on his status with the caucus or Nasheed’s resignation.

Sen. Nasheed,, and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder spoke together at a news conference in December.

The two were denouncing an informal deal to delay about $14 million in low-income housing tax credits to secure the Legislature’s passage of a $1.7 billion incentive package for Boeing.

“If anyone is willing to stand up on behalf of the indigent and the poor, then I will stand by you, side by side,” Nasheed said about appearing with Kinder.

Kinder was the only member of the state commission responsible for authorizing the credits to vote against the delay, which will last at least until March 13. The delay in tax credits awarded to low-income housing developers affects 32 developments that would have housed 1,654 units.

Nasheed said she resigned so the caucus could be unified this year in opposing Republican priorities, such as requiring photo identification at polling places and legislation to bar the payment of union fees as a condition of employment.

Nasheed became chairman of the caucus in 2013 following her election to the state Senate. She previously served six years in the House.

Kinder Passes on Mo-8 Race Against Smith
November 1, 2013

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is shutting down his potential run for Congress.
“After much prayer and consideration, I have decided to end the month-long, exploratory phase on an 8th District congressional candidacy by forgoing a race in 2014,” Kinder wrote in a statement released late Friday afternoon.
He had considered a primary campaign against Rep Jason Smith. Smith won a special elelction earlier this year. He replaced veteran Congresswoman Joann Emerson after she left Congress to take a position as a lobbyist.
Kinder said he took a hard look at the challenge but concluded “it just wasn’t in the cards”.
But the GOP Lt. Governor did not say he was ending his political career.
He was just re-elected to a rare third term as the state’s Lt. Govenor.
“I will keep that commitment to serve these four years, and beyond,” he wrote.
Just a few years ago, Kinder was considered the front runner to take on Democratic incumbent Jay Nixon in 2012.
But reports of using state funds for political travel and a set of stories about his connection to a woman in St. Louis eroded his political support.
Kinder repaid the state and he ended up running for re-election.
The GOP instead turned to political rookie Dave Spence who lost to Nixon. The race was not close.
Kinder, however, took note of an interesting set of facts about politics in southeast Missouri.
In his statement, he noted that southeast Missouri voters have had very few chances for a truely contested Congressional race.
“8th District: Voters have had only one chance to choose their Member of Congress, in open primaries on both sides following an incumbent’s retirement — with plenty of notice to all — in the 68 years since the end of World War II. That singular chance occurred 46 years ago next year — in 1968. No other congressional district of which I’m aware has a history this lacking in chances for the voters actually to decide.”

Audit Questions Mo. Lt. Governor’s Office Website on Wasteful Spending
October 4, 2013

(AP) — An audit questions the legal authority and confidentiality of the Missouri lieutenant governor’s waste reporting website.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder’s budget was increased about $38,000 to develop the website. It is not yet online.

The auditor’s office says the lieutenant governor lacks statutory authority to create it and investigate claims of misspent money. Further, nothing shields complaints and the people lodging them from disclosure through the open records law.

Kinder’s office responded in the audit that past lieutenant governors have pursued initiatives absent specific authority. Plus, as the official senior advocate, Kinder is allowed to investigate allegations of waste harming seniors. It also noted Kinder serves on state boards and therefore has an interest in ensuring funds are spent prudently.

The audit released Thursday rated Kinder’s office’s overall performance “good.”


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