JoCo Republicans Line Up With Roberts
October 24, 2014

Despite a split inside the Kansas Republican Party in the Governor’s race, a number of Johnson County Republicans of various stripes are backing GOP incumbent Pat Roberts.
More than 60 Johnson County Republicans signed a letter supporting Roberts.
The letter starts off, “We represent Kansas voters from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of occupations and sometimes distinctly different places on the political spectrum”.
The letter says sometimes the election process “distorts “records “in favor of the hype of close elections,”.
It continues, “Although we may not agree with him on a particular vote or a particular issue, we know his vote is his bond,” the letterstates.
It is signed by former Congresswoman Jan Meyers, eight state senators; and other Johnson County republicans
Dear Voters:

We represent Kansas voters from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of occupations and sometimes distinctly different places on the political spectrum. We know about disagreements. We know about the election process and how it sometimes distorts the strong and positive record of good public servants in favor of the hype of close elections and hoopla of people supposedly turning away from proven elected leaders.

Frankly, that’s happened to our friend Pat Roberts. We know Pat as a friend, a hard worker, and an advocate for our farms and businesses, our schools and our freedoms.

We know Pat grew up in Kansas. He’s visited more counties more times than probably any public servant in Kansas history. Pat’s been in every corner of Kansas, many times. He knows Johnson County and Johnson City.

We know he’s fought for our country as a United States Marine, and he’s fought for good government, limits on federal intrusion into state and local matters, our safety and security, and a sound future for all Kansans.

We know he’s worked with Senators from across America, regardless of party, for solutions where bi-partisanship is necessary and possible.

Yes, Pat Roberts has a record of public service. He’s put his vote on the record thousands of times. And though we may not always agree with him on a particular vote or a particular issue, we know his vote is his bond. Every vote is made with thought and conviction, and input from Kansans like you and me.

We’ve seen too many attacks and distortions of Pat’s record and his roots and integrity, and far too little about his good work for Kansas. That work includes strong and effective advocacy for the KU Cancer Center (researching and fighting cancer), the National Bio-Agriculture Defense Facility (NBAF), which is the key part of the Animal Health Corridor, road and bridge funding that is fair to Kansas and Johnson County, efficient use of defense dollars in Kansas communities, and a reputation for outstanding constituent service helping Kansans solve issues with the Veterans Administration, State Department and IRS.

As we look forward to the next Congress, Pat will likely serve as the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as a senior member of the Senate Finance Committee. Both are key positions where Senator Roberts will be well positioned to deliver needed reforms for Kansas farmers, small businesses and taxpayers.

We have reviewed Pat’s record and are excited to support him for re-election. The United States Senate is not a place for on-the-job training and the challenges our country will face over the next six years are too daunting to simply take a chance because of frustration with the current leadership in Washington

Pat Roberts has Kansas roots, lives Kansas values and votes Kansas principles. Contrary to what you may have heard or read, Pat’s friends and voters are still around, throughout Johnson County and Kansas. We will not remain silent in this very important election.

Do your own research and do your own thinking about a contrasting record of service and accomplishment, and we think you’ll join us in voting for Pat Roberts.


Congresswoman Jan Meyers


Molly Baumgardner

Mary Pilcher Cook

Jim & Marearl Denning

Julia Lynn

Jeff Melcher

Robert Olsen

Greg Smith

Kay Wolf


Rob Bruchman

Larry Campbell

Stephanie Clayton

Erin Davis

Willie Dove

Keith Esau

Amanda Grosserode

Brett Hildabrand

Mike Kiegerl

Lance Kinzer

Marvin Kleeb

Jerry Lunn

Craig McPherson

Charles Mecheers

Kelly Meigs

Ray Merrick

John Rubin

Ron Rykman, Jr.

Scott Schwab

Bill Sutton

James Todd

Mike Boehm

Mike Copeland

Peggy Dunn

Carl Gerlach

Kansas Young Republican Chairman

Brandon Kenig

Johnson County Young Republicans

Anna Dulwicz

Eric Foss

John Nelson

Jim Thornton

Chad Tomme

Johnson Countians

Dave Anderson

Michael Ashcraft

Shannon Barks

Bob & Sally Bibb

Mary Birch

Brian Brown

Mike Brown

Karin Brownlee

Frank Denning

Shane & Teresa Jones

Michael Kahn

Carol Lehman

Mick Lerner

David Lindstrom

Fred Logan

Greg Musil

Bob Stephan

Ernie & Susan Straub

John Toplikar

Harry Wigner