Missouri GOP & Democratic Committees Consider Missouri Ballot Questions
October 2, 2014

(AP) – The Democrat and Republican parties are weighing in on a pair of proposed constitutional amendments on Missouri’s ballot.

The Missouri Democratic State Committee has passed a resolution opposing proposed Constitutional Amendment 3. The measure would require public school teachers to be evaluated based on student performance and would limit tenure protections.

The Missouri Republican State Committee has voted to endorse proposed Constitutional Amendment 2. That measure would allow allegations of past criminal acts to be used against people facing sex-related charges involving victims younger than 18.

The official actions by the political parties will allow them to campaign on the measures as part of their get-out-the-vote efforts for the Nov. 4 election.

Obama Launching Reform of ‘No Child’ School Bill, Missouri’s Education Chief to Be There When he Does
September 23, 2011

The National Journal reports today, “The White House will unveil a plan today that allows states to opt out of certain No Child Left Behind regulations. The current law requires schools to hold every demographic (based on race, gender, and special needs) to an achievement level equal for their grade or face punishment ranging up to a shutdown. Both parties have introduced legislation in Congress to change the strict provisions, but partisan differences have landed all efforts in gridlock. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told reporters two weeks ago, “I felt compelled to do this,” citing congressional failures as the reason for the White House’s involvement. But strings will come attached to the waivers. More details will follow from the adminstration’s announcement this morning.”

The St. Louis Beacon adds,”Chris Nicastro, Missouri commissioner for elementary and secondary education who planned to be present at Friday’s White House announcement, welcomed the opportunity, a spokeswoman said, though she added she needed to study the details before determining whether Missouri would actually apply for a waiver.”