Poll- Missouri Democrats Not Settled on A Presidential Nominee
September 21, 2015

Missouri’s Democratic primary voters have not settled in on a candidate for president, according to a new poll of likely Democratic voters in the 2016 Missouri primary.
The survey, conducted by the Republican-leaning Remington Research group for the political website Missouri Scout, shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leading the Democratic field.
The survey, however, indicates Clinton has not locked up the Show-Me state.
If the March, 2016 primary were held today, according to the poll::
Hillary Clinton: 36%
Joe Biden 22%
Bernie Sanders 18%
Undecided 25%

Remington says it polled 1,589 likely Democratic primary voters on September 18-19. It has a margin of error of 2.4%
Clinton’s highest numbers come from the Cape Girardeau and St. Louis areas,; 37%.
She has 36% of the Kansas City market vote.
St. Louis and Kansas City make up well over half of the state’s Democratic vote.
Vice President Joe Biden performs best in the Hannibal area of northeast Missouri; 32%
Senator Sander’s stronghold is the University town of Columbia, 24%

In other Missouri primary races:>
Lt. Governor:
Russ Carnahan 48%
Brad Brahshaw 11%
Tommie Pierson 7%
Undecided 37%

Attorney General:
Teresa Hensley: 27%
Jake Zimmerman 23%
Undecided 51%

Judy Baker 28%
Pat Contreras 15%
Undecided 58%

Kansas Crack Down on Welfare Spending Scores in Poll
April 22, 2015

Most Kansas voters agree with the state’s restrictions on how welfare clients spend their money, according to a new survey.

The poll, by Remington Research, was conducted after Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed into law new restrictions on how welfare clients can spend their money.
Almost two thirds approve of the idea of restricting spending on items like gambling, adult entetainment, even movies or swimming pools. All of those are restrictions in the new law.

No, (restrictions) do not go too far: 66%
Go to far: 29%
Undecided 9%.

Kansans in the survey also support limiting ATM withdrawals to $25 a day, with bans on spending money at strip clubs, gambling and going to movies:

Support: 64%
Oppose: 27%
Undecided: 9%

A near majority in the poll also believe forcing welfare clients off public assistance, encourages them to become self-reliant.

Strongly agree 49%
Somewhat agree: 17%
Somewhat disagree: 14%
Strongly disagree: 10%
No opinion: 9%

Remington Research says 1,021 Kansas voters participated in the poll on April 20-21). Remington says it gathered the survey participants based on what it expects the 2016 general election make up is to be in Kansas.
The margin of error is 3%.

Early Look, Blunt Leads Kander But Not Home Free
February 20, 2015

The first survey of the rearranged 2016 Missouri US Senate race shows Republican incumbent Roy Blunt with a 13 point lead over Democratic challenger, Secretary of State Jason Kander.
Blunt, however, is under the 50% threshold that indicates an incumbent is safe.
The Remington Research poll shows Blunt with 49% and Kander 36%.
14% of the survey were undecided.
The survey shows the views of 957 likely voters. It was weighted to reflect turnout demographics. The margin of error was reported at 3.2%.
Kander unexpectedly joined the US Senate campaign earlier this week. He announced he’s make the run, giving up a re-election bid for Secretary of State. His term in that office also ends in 2016.
The poll shows the voters in the survey evenly divided about their opinion of Blunt, the veteran Congressman who is finishing his first term in the Senate.
39% gave him a favorable rating. 31% had unfavorable view of Blunt. 30% had no opinion.
Kander’s fav/unfav numbers reflected his lack of statewide name recognition.
26% have a favorable impression of him; 21% did not. 54% of the voters in the survey had no opinion on the Democrat.

Jay Nixon’s Approval Rating Drops Below 30%
December 6, 2014

Steve Kraske, KC Star:

The percentage of Missourians who disapproved of the job Gov. Jay Nixon has done overseeing Ferguson, Mo., according to a new survey by the Republican pollsters Remington Research. Only 23 percent approved.

Nixon’s overall job approval, once routinely in the 50s, has sunk to 28 percent.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/local-columnists/article4299857.html#storylink=cpy

Double Digiy Undecided on Many Missouri Ballot Questions
November 3, 2014

A new poll on some of the constitutional amendments on the Missouri ballot show a high percentage of undecided voters the day before the election, according to Remington Research.
One in five voters in the survey are undecided on Amendment 10.
Amendment 10 would prevent the Missouri Governor from withholding funds already approved by the legislature.
That’s been a sore spot between Democratic Governor Jay Nixon and the Republican leaders of the legislature.
According to Remington, Amendment 10 is losing 42-38%.
“It’s an amendment with a lot of ballot language and it looks like voters do not yet have a clear preference,” said Titus Bond of Remington.
Amendment 3, which ties teacher pay to academic achievement is down 61%-27%. Bond says that reflects the fact there is no campaign supporting the measure.
12% of the people in the survey are undecided in Amendment 3.
Amendment 6, which would
provide some early voting in Missouri is trailing badly, 63-23%. 14% undecided in that race.
The measure has been criticized in some newspaper editorials.
Amendment 2, which expands the rules for evidence allowed in child
molestation cases for victims under 18 is winning.
The. Remington poll has it up 55-23%. 21% say they’re undecided on that question.