Missouri Social Service Defenders Push Back on Budget Cuts
April 13, 2015

Social Service providers across Missouri, including Kansas City, appealed for state lawmakers to drop planned budget cuts to Missouri social service agencies in the upcoming budget.
The Rev. Susan McCann of the Grace Episcopal Church of Liberty says the cuts are “morally irresponsible”.
A group of social services agencies in Kansas City, including Harvesters Food Network, Truman Medical center and the Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance, among others, held a news conference Monday morning.
Similar news conferences were held in other parts of the Missouri.
Last week, one of the state’s leading budget writers, Columbia republican Kurt Schaefer pushed a plan that would reduce social services spending by $130 million more than a similar proposal in the House.
“These aren’t cuts being made on the margins. These are cuts in actual services being delivered,” said Traci Gleason of the Missouri Budget Project.
Republican majorities in the house and Senate passed similar measures last year. Governor Jay Nixon, however, vetoed the measures.
This year Republicans may have veto-proof majorities.