Akin Does St. Louis TV Interview This Week
April 23, 2013



(Hat tip to JohnCombest.com
KSDK TV in St. Louis has nabbed a Spring sweeps piece with former Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin. It is believed to be Akin’s first interview since his defeat last November to Democrat Claire McCaskill.
The interview will be broadcast Thursday night on KSDK’s 10pm newscast.
According to St. Louis’ Riverfront Times’, a promotional tease of the report has Akin saying, “”I believe the party will either stand on principled positions, or it’s going to be replaced by some other party.”

Legalization Boosters Say Approving Pot in Missouri Could Generate $149 in New State Money
October 13, 2012

Riverfront Times (via JohnCombest)

Imagine a world where pot is legal, regulated, and taxed. In this world, Missouri is rolling around in a giant pile of money and making it rain all over the place.
That’s according to a new study released by the National Cannabis Coalition in conjunction with Show-Me Cannabis. The group commissioned the study from Harvard University economist Dr. Jeffrey Miron as a way to put some cold, hard figures on their marijuana legalization and regulation bill.

The $149 million comes from several different places, but mostly from no longer having to police and prosecute pot smokers.

According to Show-Me Cannabis’s John Payne, the group commissioned the study while their 2012 legalization campaign was still alive and well. Because of that, Missouri’s study came out first, but he says there will be studies for all 50 states at some point.

According to Dr. Miron’s figures, Missouri’s government would save $90 million annually and generate $59 million from taxing legalized marijuana like cigarettes and booze.

It’s not hard to see where the $90 million comes from. In 2011, there were 307,240 arrests made in Missouri over pot and 91.5 percent of those were for possession.

More: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2012/10/study_marijuana_legalization_149_million.php

Spence TV Commercial Profiles ‘Closed’ Business, But It’s Not, Still Open
August 2, 2012

From the Riverfront Times via Johncombest:

Clearly, gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence wants you to see his TV ad entitled, “Sinking.” It’s the first thing that pops up when you visit his campaign site.

Makes you wonder: Does he know it contains a huge inaccuracy?

The spot opens on a shuttered industrial building with Spence’s voiceover: “After 65 years, this business shut its doors last year,” followed by the on-screen words: “McHenry Truck Equipment: Closed in 2011.” Spence continues: “It’s the same all over Missouri. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with Jay Nixon in charge.”

Well, maybe, maybe not.

But Spence should probably find a better example to make his case: McHenry Truck Equipment did indeed close its doors in 2011 — in order to move to its new location only four miles away, still within the city of St. Louis. As of yesterday, it was still open for business.
Spence’s spokesman says:
“We guess the guy’s trying to get back on his feet. My best guess is that National Rail Truck purchased the ‘McHenry Truck’ name or is trying to revive the McHenry name (a brand that’s been around since 1946 is bound to have some loyal customers) and filed an LLC, but the McHenry Truck entity we used in the ad is now dissolved per SOS website. The ad is 100% accurate.”

RFT Blog, How the Penthouse Pet Story Broke & Developed
August 12, 2011

(Courtesy: Riverfront Times)

From the Riverfront Times, blog, a bit of the behind the scenes on how a strange story started, then got weird:

“RFT’s Sarah Fenske, who broke the story, explained earlier today, Kinder is wrong to think this is some grand conspiracy.

[T]he whole sordid tale began unfolding last Thursday, when we jokingly published a photo of Kinder “pressing the flesh” at a St. Louis bar. We (honestly!) had no idea that the bar, Verlin’s, was known for its “pantsless parties,” in which bartenders sling drinks in their panties. Or that he was posing with a former “Penthouse pet of the month” — or that the “pet,” now a 39-year-old, openly gay bartender, would be interested in sharing her story when we tracked her down. We just thought the picture was moderately amusing,” explains Fenske. “Really, the only reason any of this came to light is because RFT readers are such barflies, they almost immediately recognized the bar — and the bartender. The GOP may want to claim this was an organized effort, but it looks a whole lot more like that new-fangled “crowd sourcing” thing to us.